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First test drive of new Geely Emgrand 7: will you beat?

The budgetary Geely Emgrand 7 sedan was on sale at us with a day before yesterday feyslift of 2016. Then there was one more which passed us. And here, at last, has come true - the Chinese-Belarusian car with the third restyling I have ambitiously arrived to Russia. The Avtovzglyad portal has tested a novelty before start of sales, and is ready to share impressions.

of GeelyEmgrand 7

For a start about the prices. More precisely about what they are seen by us, Chinese also expect fans. The prereform sedan cost from 649 000 rubles to 799 000 rubles. He is longer, wider and lower than Lifan Solano II with the price tag from 679 900? to 809 900? and also is longer and wider than the Lada Vesta sedan, the prices for which vary in the same range, as at Geely. Koreans with Rioslyarisami, and also the French with Renault Logan also get to a sight. It is expected that the negligent Chinese slap in the face will be received by each of this list. But whether is what to beat?

not to tell that Emgrand has got prettier, means to tell lies. However, sideways, apparently, the sedan hasn't changed at all. But radiator lattice and bumpers precisely new. Back lamps have received a scattering of light-emitting diodes, and in the evening owners of newly made "Asian" with the Belarusian accent will enjoy light of powerful linzovanny optics.

Is much bigger alterations in salon where you get thanks to the system of besklyuchevy access, without taking out a key charm from a pocket. The forward panel is executed in style of the Geely Atlas crossover - here so wide silvered, but more impressive decorative overlay and a recognizable form of the central air ducts. The chairs upholstered with eco leather with an accurate white pro-line are quite convenient, and have the intricate form. Their profile is closer to sports because side support is very developed also quite working. In our case of adjustment manual, but in top complete sets also electric surely will appear.

the Multimedia complex differs from what we saw in "Atlas", and especially from what was offered by the prereform sedan. The huge color screen, tolerable graphics and even and a touchscreen don't "rebate" the operating processor - browsing of the menu happens quickly and without halts, and scrolling of contacts of the address book prompt at all. Separately we press a crab to the Chinese brothers for a sound whose quality was unexpectedly good. And here the image, alas, didn't manage to be estimated. Our sedan isn't equipped with the rear-view camera. But as well as electroadjustments promise it in more expensive versions.

Management of multimedia - a la bonus, digital. I won't tell that it is convenient. It is much better when there are traditional "krutilka" regulating the level of loudness and helping to look for the necessary radio station. In lack of the last, I continually grabbed the handle of increase in power of one-zonal climate control. Yes, there is an audio system interface on a wheel, but, as always, there is a wish bigger.

the Dashboard looks stylish, and it is convenient to read out analog information. The on-board computer gives all other indicators via the contrast and accurate LCD display. However, with strange



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