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First test drive of LADA Vesta Sport: we burn down on all money

Stage-by-stage development and improvement й the LADA Vesta models has received quite logical continuation - sports. As far as the leader of AVTOVAZ evolved the observer of the Avtovzglyad portal driving pre-series LADA Vesta Sport has found out.

However, emergence of this Vesta has been predetermined initially. And what to tell: having full-fledged sports division in the structure, it would be strange to largest Russian car maker not to use his practices. And to work always is over what and for the sake of what.

In 8 months of this year of sale of LADA have grown by 18%, and specifically Vesta was sold out in circulation in 228 000 copies. Thus, the share of the market of LADA has made quite impressive 20% (the best indicator for the last 7 years). In other words, every 5th car sold in Russia - VAZ.

So the attempt to attract younger generation to the production has under itself quite reasonable basis. Especially if to consider that LADA Vesta Sport is not just standard Vesta on which have fastened a weather-cloth and have put big beautiful wheels.

the Car was created and adjusted with the assistance of the leading racing drivers of the country, and many practices and technologies have removed to the car straight from a ring auto racing. Here 121 details are modernized and 107 new components are installed.

the 1,8-liter engine Already well familiar to us has received power in 145 hp (measurements at the stand have shown even slightly more - 149,8 hp) by standard manipulations: the admission and release are recustomized, new cam-shafts are established, the sports exhaust system with a juicy deep-voices sound actually is from scratch assembled.

the Transmission - the good old "renoshny" 5-staged "mechanics" known as JR5. Besides, the car has received an original sports decor around (the clearance also in a sports way is underestimated by 31 mm - up to 147 mm), a spoiler on a trunk lid, a fin antenna fashionable now, and in salon - absolutely new two-color sports seats with pronounced side support.

are available To LADA Vesta Sport five original flowers of a body, and the guarantee makes 3 years or 100 000 km. The picture oil is finished by the openwork liyegkosplavny 17-inch disks which are wrapped up in low-profile German ContiSportContact rubber. And how this beauty goes?

I Jump in the bright-red sedan, whose chubby wheel and a massive knob of RC ask for hands, and I start the engine - vicinities are disclosed by a solid sound of a sports exhaust. Yes, on the run the car really very quick, lists are practically absent, it is 5000 rpm better to switch, the maximum speed in 195 km/h is reached effortlessly. And brakes (I have impressed diameter of forward brake disks - 300 mm, at Lamborghini, for example, they have diameter of 360 mm) stop Vesta instantly, even unusually somehow for the Russian car.

After pokatushka across night Petter we take off on the desert road going along the Gulf of Finland in the direction of Zelenogorsk and Sestroretsk - and a pedal for a floor



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