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Fight, crush and shouts: Yanukovych's lawyers have taken court by force

Lawyers of the runaway president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych have fought with police officers
the Incident has occurred today, on August 16, during the meeting of the Obolon court of Kiev on the case of high treason of the politician.

Yanukovych's Human rights activists have put up a fight with police officers directly in the courthouse.

Everything has occurred because have entrusted to represent the interests of the ex-president to the state defender. But here Yanukovych's lawyers have opposed his participation in process.

to Judicial managers and police by force was necessary to push the new free lawyer Yury Ryabovol to the hall of court sessions. As a result of it the fight was also started. Yanukovych's Lawyers have promised to file to

a complaint to actions of police officers then they were allowed after all into the hall.

Defenders of the runaway president several times defiantly left a meeting and shouted that Ryabovol has no right to be in court.

"The lawyer Ryabovol has no right to participate in this meeting. I say that the State Office of Public Prosecutor and court won't manage to enter into this process of the lawyer which will work not for the benefit of the client", - one of Yanukovych's lawyers Vitaly Serdyuk has said.

Should noting that Yanukovych has once again submitted the declaration of abandonment of the free state lawyer Yury Ryabovol. The document was supported also by the defender, having noted what has put allegedly "doesn't meet the provisions of the law".

But court has refused allowance of the application. The judge has said that Yanukovych's lawyers in this process allowed numerous violations and abused the right for protection.

So, the court announced a break for 15 minutes and has asked law enforcement authorities to provide an order in court session.

during a break in a corridor of court has happened a fight between the man who was presented by "the chief of the Obolon police" and Serdyuk.

according to Serdyuk, to it have used force and also have rumpled and have torn documents. And here prosecutors on business called events at a court session and beyond his limits, in a break, "circus". we Will note

that on March 4, 2017 the prosecutor's office has brought to trial the indictment against Yanukovych. The ex-president is suspected of several crimes: treason, complicity in deliberate actions for change of border and under the authority of war of aggression.




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