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FIFA monitors scandal over Kokorin and Mamayev

The organization took an incident under the control.

the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) did not remain away from the sensation connected with Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev. The source told the Izvestia newspaper that the organization is aware of the event, and Russian-speaking employees attentively follow the developments.

of UEFA also knows that Alexander and Pavel appeared in the center of scandal. "As for sanctions or the ban on participation in Euro cups and the international competitions for the accused football players, the decision on it is made by FIFA", - reported to the same edition in the press service of UEFA.

Yanis Kuzins, the head of Sport for all, is going to send inquiry to the football organizations to find out whether athletes in the actions showed racism.

Now Kokorin and Mamayev are in the pre-trial detention center. Football players admitted the guilt, having noted that they are upset with the event and did not come to police as were in confusion, but they did not make a public statement. As transfers Kommersant, Alexander and Pavel are suspected of hooliganism by previous concert. Part 2 of article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation by which the maximum term - seven years of imprisonment is shown them. Earlier it was assumed that against football players case on article 116 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Beating" was opened.

On Thursday the investigation has to appeal to Tverskoy district court with the corresponding petitions. So far it is unknown whether law enforcement officers will insist on that athletes were in the pre-trial detention center further. It is curious that Kokorin was brought to administrative responsibility, for example, for traffic offense more than once.

Many users of Network and even the loved Aleksandra Darya Shishkanova believe that they against athletes organized a plot. Some fans of soccer consider that scandal with Kokorin and Mamayev was organized with the purpose to distract public attention from the fact that Vitaly Mutko comes back from construction in sport. However, so far the press secretary of RFU Igor Vladimirov does not comment on these conjectures. on October 8 Kokorin and Mamayev beat by

the driver of the leader of Channel One Olga Ushakova, and later - the head of department of automotive industry and railway mechanical engineering of Minpromtorg Denis Pak. Representatives of "Zenit" and Krasnodar expressed

the intention to break off contracts with Kokorinymi and Mamayev. By the way, Pavel understands that to his career the end came and for Russian national team it will not play any more. The Mash Telegram-channel reported about it.



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