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Fiat 500 of the next generation in electric option for the European market

In 2020 in Geneva the new electric city Fiat 500e car will be presented. The electric vehicle will be on sale together with the existing car with DVS Fiat 500, having received new design and technical updates.

according to the head of Fiat Olivier François, absolutely new electric Fiat 500 will be created on the platform made to order and potentially intended for use in the new concept of Centoventi. Fiat 500e will become a key part of transition of Fiat in Europe in the brand focused on the small electrified city cars.

according to François, the car will remain true to everything that clients know about 500, but will be absolutely new. Its interior will considerably differ whereas the size and proportions remain the same. Of course, the company cannot sell the Fiat 500e electric vehicle at the same price, as petrol Fiat 500 therefore the approximate cost of a novelty will be about 32,000 euros.

of François did not specify, electric Fiat 500 will have the back drive as the original, however did not deny that it to it takes place to be.

the Platform will be developed for the Fiat 500e electric vehicle by FCA Group, but how François noted, the company is open for exchange of technologies with partners - for example, the Fiat 500 platform was developed earlier?? Ford Ka.

of Fiat also confirmed that whether besides electric 500e hybrid 500 Giardiniera, however, will appear the last will be presented at a motor show in Geneva next year, it is unknown. According to Fiat, model 500 Giardiniera, will be more effective in the class, being hybrid.

the Purpose of release of a hybrid consists in that the segment of city cars met standards of emissions that also means that production of other, less successful models of Fiat, will be reduced. Punto whose production was cut down after a 13-year production cycle concerns them.

of François recognized that the decision on development of electric vehicles was caused as desire to create the profitable electric vehicle on the future, and attempt to avoid emergence of potential penalties if the company does not achieve the goal of decrease in emissions of CO2.

Considering limited space in a body for the accumulator, the course stock 500e will probably be less, than at electric vehicles, such as Nissan Leaf which offers about 350 km.

500e will become the competitor to the growing number of small city electric vehicles - the first production Mini electric vehicle will appear in 2019 along with Honda e Prototype (on the basis of a concept of Urban EV).



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