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Fate of defenders of Donbass: what became with heroes of "the Russian spring"

In Donetsk the leader of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko has died. He has got fatal wound at explosion in cafe. After his death in Donbass there is practically no none left of those who stood at the origins in power. Many outstanding figures which have appeared at the beginning of "the Russian spring" don't exert any impact on political life of the region any more. Ruposters tells about the fate of creators and activists of unrecognized republics.

the Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko has died in Separ cafe in the center of Donetsk from explosion of the device put in a chandelier or a floor lamp near a little table of the dead. Zakharchenko has endured several attempts. The first attempt has taken place in August, 2014, one more was quite recently - in April. Then saboteurs were also down on to routes of movements of the head of the self-proclaimed republic and have disguised explosive under an interior subject.

of Zakharchenko is the former Ukrainian militiaman, at the time of the events developed at the beginning of 2014 in Donetsk it consisted in the Oplot organization, directed her Donetsk office and owned security firm. In April I could be fixed with the people in the center of Donetsk and I became the military commandant of the city, and in a month - the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the DPR. he with assistance of Council of the DPR has displaced

In August and has dismissed the prime minister Alexander Borodai. On Zakharchenko's elections which have taken place in November, 2014 I have gone from social movement "Donetsk Republic" of Andrey Purgin and I have won with result in 78% of voices. In February, 2015 he has headed the movement.

It was directly involved in fights with the Ukrainian military, in Debaltseve in 2015 was wounded. Many former colleagues and the Ukrainian politicians accused Zakharchenko of racket and transfer of business in Donetsk to the colleagues. In 2015-2017 in Kiev on it several criminal cases on a charge of terrorism have been opened.

the Ukrainian media several weeks prior to attempt have begun to distribute messages about the fast removal of Zakharchenko from a post of the head of the DPR. Allegedly he has to "be written off, observing the proprieties", having accused of abuse of power. And to the place of Zakharchenko designated the former minister of state security Alexander Hodakovsky. Zakharchenko was one of signers of the Minsk Agreement agreed by "Norman Quartet".

Zakhar Prilepin
the Writer has arrived to the territory of the DPR in 2014. As he explained, at first he lit the events, then began to help rebels. I have left at first as the war correspondent there, then delivered humanitarian aid... I work as the adviser to the head of the Donetsk People's Republic as I ironically call it - "aide-de-camp". He was the personal adviser to the head of the DPR Zakharchenko, but didn't hold the official leading posts. In Russia he continued to give lectures and to hold meetings with readers.

2016 Prilepin became in the Fall the deputy head of battalion who has suggested to create. This battalion was included into a regiment of special troops of army of the DPR and carried out fighting tasks in different points of the republic, the writer explained. Е



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