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Fashion week in New York: review of displays of Escada, Boss and Rodarte

Fashion week in New York continues to please us with new displays and star exits. In this review we suggest you to get acquainted with spring and summer collections from Escada, Boss and Rodarte. In the forefront Keith Bosuort, Amber Valetta, Derek Blasberg and other stars
of Escada

have been noticed Niall Sloan who has become the creative director of DM a year ago obviously sets as the purpose to restart a brand and to return him that glory which he had in the 80th when the suit from Escada was a subject of pride of each woman of fashion. For the New York fashion week the brand which celebrates the 40 anniversary this year has returned with feeling of confidence that the public will be won again soon. On display have involved the famous fashionable stylist Jacob to work To and the makeup artist Pat McGrath.

the collection sings of all for what have once fallen in love with Escada: femininity, courage and desire to be bright. Lovely nostalgic greetings from the past and time of blossoming of a brand, like a dress in peas in style of the heroine Julia Roberts from the movie "Beauty", or jackets with stuffed shoulders and a narrow waist will melt hearts of fans of retro style, and a courageous kolor-bloking, the combination of different prints fashionable nowadays and relevant accessories like zone bags will draw attention and new generation of dandies.

Guests of display
of Boss

In one day with display of Escada has undergone in New York also one more fashionable German invasion. For Boss it became the first display since the brand was left by the former creative director Jason Wu. The fashion show has united the presentation of the male and female line, and the esthetics of a collection vozvrshchat us to the main values of Boss - an ideal cut, clean lines, quiet colors and a masterly combination of luxury and slackness.

takes the Central place in a collection a suit, more precisely than its variation for the modern city dweller. Having mixed a palette from pink powder, warm mustard and saturated berry shades, Boss have made almost ideal clothes of dresses, a coat, trouser overalls, jackets and trousers. As well as in life, among the German faultlessness grows firm as rocky breed, desire of comfort - it is impossible so just to forbid to wear socks with sandals.

of Rodarte

After absence throughout three seasons (collections of pret-a-porter showed within couture Week in Paris), a brand under the direction of Keith and Laura Mullewi has triumphally returned to New York. Display to the audience will precisely be remembered by immersion in the atmosphere of the magic fairy tale. the Presentation of a spring and summer collection of 2019 has taken place

in the center of the cemetery Marbl: the gloomy atmosphere (during display also I went долждь) has only emphasized lightness and fabulousness of Rodarte dresses. Together with flower ornaments, magnificent sleeves, soft zephyrous shades pink the brand has returned for a Fashion week in New York and mood of some pensiveness which wasn't enough here. Dresses should be remembered - in a new season we, for certain, will see some models and on representatives of the American "factory of dreams".




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