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"Fake under a barrel of automatic machines of the Russian Federation": Poroshenko about "elections" to ORDLO

The president Petro Poroshenko has remembered how with Russia in Minsk have coordinated that it at first takes away the people and arms, but it hasn't occurred

Now it is impossible to speak about free elections in Donbass - they will take place under barrels of the Russian automatic machines. The president Petro Poroshenko at opening of the summit of the Yalta European strategy has told about it.

the President has noted that Ukraine waits four years for implementation of the Minsk Agreement from Russia, but doesn't see any advance. And now the new problem - fake elections under a barrel of the Russian automatic machines has appeared.

"I all the life will remember 15-hour negotiations in Minsk where we have coordinated that Russia has to take away the people and weapon, and Russia has to create conditions for free and fair local elections", - Poroshenko has remembered.

the President has noted that he lays hopes for a peacekeeping mission in Donbass.

"Next day when peacekeepers come to the occupied territory, the next day Russia will take away the army and we will be ready to start political process. But nobody trusts Russia", - Poroshenko has added.

of the Puppet of Russia in Donbass appointed pseudo-elections on temporarily occupied part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions to November 11.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France have said that it contradicts the Minsk agreements. The European Union has condemned intentions about carrying out "elections".



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