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Failure of GRU, or and here Lubyanka, - Angry inhabitant of Odessa

Development of the version with GRU in the context of Sergey Skripal's elimination and the subsequent failure quite there could be rezhissirovana of FSB.

has put about poisoning of the ex-colonel of GRU Sergey Skripal Today is the subject No. 1 discussed from transition of the Konkovo metro station and to high offices of the UN. Nevertheless, still not absolutely clear is how such structure as GRU, could so seriously will make a booboo with Skripal's elimination, not only having left him in live, but also having left marks on the whole car of proofs of the participation in attempt.

I here that is called "as is impossible by the way", the former major of FSB Boris Karpichkov decides to give an interview in which says that attempt at Sergey Skripal had to become "public execution". However, his not thoroughbred staff of GRU (contract employees) has made, and at all the officer of FSB directed them.

Actually, very interestingly begins to curl a ball, from unambiguous "who stands behind attempt" we are able if not ambiguities, then, at least a paradox. Agents of GRU perform a task on cleaning, being supervised the officer of FSB?

That, kind of this version didn't discord, It should be noted that in the context of the escalated opposition between FSB and GRU, especially since 2014, there is in this difficult scheme the rational grain. And it is only necessary to track a chain of events before and after poisoning with Skripalya in Salisbury.

So, attempt at the ex-colonel of GRU occurs after MO Russian Federation substitutes private army of FSB Vagner under blow of the USA around Deyr - эз - Zora. Thereby the ministry of Shoygu carries out attempt to squeeze out from Syria of fes (FSB) having undertaken a leading role of carriers of laurel wreaths and keepers of a feeding trough of the Syrian meat grinder.

At the same time, in peace Russia also come shifts in favor of MO Russian Federation, in particular Dmitry Rogozin's discharge from monitoring by financial flows of military industrial complex. And therefore development of the version with GRU in the context of Sergey Skripal's elimination and the subsequent failure quite there could be rezhissirovana on Lubyanka.

By the way, the reasons of attempt at the ex-colonel of GRU too are up to the end not clear. For the sake of banal elimination from revenge operation was too risky and expensive. And on the question "what for?" suddenly and right now gives the answer to The New York Times on which pages it is reported about Skripal's cooperation with intelligence of Spain which for quite some time now began to oppress actively the Russian organized criminal groups having an exit to the Kremlin. For example, in 2017 the home guards of Spain have carried out large-scale detention of the Russians suspected of collaboration with the Solntsevo and izmaylovsky organized criminal group.

And shouldn't forget that one of the main versions of elimination of Litvinenko the attempt not to allow his indications for the Spanish prosecutor's office on the case of the Russian mafia is also considered. Being the officer of FSB, Litvinenko specialized in the Russian organized criminal groups.

I here taking into account such arrangement of figures becomes indeed interesting to whom actually elimination was favorable



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