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F2: Nick de Vriz has won a Saturday race in Spa

By the beginning of a Saturday race asphalt has dried after the rain which has affected the course of qualification of the Formula 1. Despite cool weather, asphalt I was completely dry, but on curbs there was water.

On start many have allowed stalling, but it was without incidents. Nick de Vriz who has earned the day before the first poll in career has kept leadership. Camara was ahead of Russell. Markelov remained the tenth.

De Vriz quickly came off, winning back at Seth Camara on a second on a circle, in average group there was a dense fight. On the 4th circle Markelov has won back two positions, having risen to the eighth place, and then has overtaken Fukudzumi and Giotto, having been the sixth. Fukudzumi and Deletraz the first have carried out by

an obligatory Pit stop, in calculation to recoup on the free route, but leaders didn't hurry to boxes though rubber quickly wore out. Afterwards Russell, Norris, Giotto and Elbon have replaced tires. Camara, Nissani and Aitken have carried out by

On the 10th circle a Pit stop, and on the 11th de Vriz has turned into boxes - and Markelov has headed a race.

On fresh rubber racers went much quicker, but soon the peloton has gathered again and traffic didn't allow to show the maximum speed.

Having returned after a Pit stop, de Vriz showed excellent speed. On the 15th circle Markelov, Latifi and Günter have turned into boxes - and safety car has right there left - Fukudzumi has curtailed on a grass by the lit-up car which having remained unaddressed for several minutes of firefighters slowly burned down. Many racers have turned

into boxes behind fresh rubber. Nick de Vriz was in the lead in a race, Markelov went the eighth. On restart to the finish there were six circles - the race came to the end with short sprint.

On restart de Vriz has kept leadership and again could come off. Racers have returned to fight - and yellow flags have appeared from behind a departure of >
Markelov has risen by the seventh position, then attacked Giotto, but at first Luka has beaten off the attack - and literally on the last meters Artem has come forward.

Nick de Vriz has won a Saturday race in Spa, having won the third victory in a season. Sergio Seth Camara finished the second, George Russell has risen by the third step of a podium - the same racers started in the first three. Artem Markelov finished the sixth.

Tomorrow morning in Spa there will take place the second race of the Belgian week-end of the Formula 2.

Results prepare...



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