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Eyewitnesses told details of the crash of SU-27 on Vinnitchin: houses had to become the place of falling

Eyewitnesses shared terrible details of air crash of SU-27 in Vinnytsia region
Residents of the village of Uhlans near which in the evening the military plane of SU-27UB crashed on October 16, told what occurred just before falling of the fighter.

In particular, the local resident Maria Lekhova reported that she shortly before the tragedy heard a rumble and whistle, and then noticed smoke in the field behind the village. "People began to say

at once that it the fighter aircraft fell. Then to the place from where smoke was visible, there went one more car of rescuers. Without siren. Behind them police...", - the girl told.

according to her soon over the village noticed after that one more plane, rumors about search of the pilot who allegedly managed to catapult went.

Other witnesses of the tragedy told that the plane began to fall over the village, however pilots made everything perhaps to take him aside.

"The plane turned when fell. To twist its beginning over the village. Pilots took away the plane in the field", - people told.

shared Similar information according to eyewitnesses in Facebook винничанин Vitaly Pavlovsky.

"These pilots heroes! When the plane fell, houses had to become the place of falling sat down that it is near. it was accurately visible as pilots took away the plane from the settlement", - he reported.

"Today about 17 hours near the village of Uhlans (between settlements Berdichev and Hmelnik) during performance of educational and fighting flight fell the SU-27 plane", - it was said in the statement of department.

In turn, a source in Civil service on emergency situations reported that as a result of accident 2 persons died.

On the place of the crash began search and rescue actions.

Is known that accident happened to plane during the international military exercises "Clear sky-2018".




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