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Explosions in Ichna: The situation is taken under control

In Chernihiv the area considerably decreased intensity of explosions in a warehouse of ammunition, - with relief inform in Public service on emergency situations (GSChS).

As of 7:00 on October 11, is reported that a situation completely under control.

of the Dead and injured as a result of emergency situation in warehouses in Ichna and the vicinities is not recorded.

"Is provided with fire aircraft of GSChS suppression of certain seats of fire in the technical territory of an arsenal, An-32P planes since the beginning of works carried out 21 dumpings of water (168 tons). Rescue and fire fighting divisions of GSChS carry out filling with water of fire tanks of the Ministry of Defence", - it is said in the statement of the press service of GSChS.

pyrotechnic divisions of GSChS started At present cleaning of 16 kilometer zones adjacent to an arsenal.

of state of emergency in the Chernihiv region - you watch video from the place of events:

of Work were carried out in settlements of Ichn, Friendship, Avgustovka and Gmiryanka. Responses to 91 cases of detection by the population of suspicious objects are provided, 432 ammunition are withdrawn. we Will remind

, explosions in military warehouses began on Sunday night, on October 8. The main version of state of emergency call enemy diversion, however it is not excluded as well negligence of personnel.




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