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Experts: whether introduction of martial law is favorable to Poroshenko

The Verkhovna Rada will consider the recommendation of introduction of martial law today. Experts adhere to the different points of view about whether adoption of the document is favorable to the head of state Petro Poroshenko.

of OPINION. According to the political scientist Ruslan Bortnik, the authorities in power do not need elections therefore in this context introduction of martial law very opportunely.

"Poroshenko and People's Front just change selective strategy and pass to the plan of "B" for deduction of the power - "Blackmail and Pressure" - fight not for votes, and against political opponents; or for immunity and the place in political system in the following political cycle", - Bortnik said to the Strana edition.

It noted that martial law was not imposed when selected the Crimea and the Ukrainian military in Debaltseve and Ilovaisk as then the organization of vote was favorable to authorities in power perished.

"When seized 2 boats and the tow - martial law should be imposed - because elections should not be held already, - the result will be deplorable", - Bortnik compares.

holds Other opinion the political scientist Oleg Ponomar. He considers that Russia creates the controlled local military conflict for the only purpose - to give to the candidates on elections in Ukraine фактаж and a background for the information PR-attack.

"A part of the Russian candidates in Ukraine will shout - Why we do not answer very rigidly? (actually - we do not get involved in hot war, having buried diplomatic and sanctions process). A part of the Russian candidates will speak - Watch that it is created. So cannot proceed further. The new strategy of the world because, you see is necessary - old does not work. Or the cunning secret new plan is necessary", - Ponomar on Facebook wrote.

the Political scientist considers the Kremlin act pre-election technology for advance on a post of the President of Ukraine of the loyal politician.

EARLIER Russian military used weapon against the ships of Naval Forces of Ukraine Berdyansk, Nikopol and "Yana Kapu" which, according to information, illegally crossed the Russian border in the Sea of Azov. After that the Ukrainian vessels were seized. According to the headquarters of the Ukrainian Naval Forces, Russian military wounded six seamen. In turn media of Russia inform on three victims. Read

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of the Sanction: Russia promises big troubles to the Ukrainian business.



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