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Experts: the Chinese nuclear power plant is more dangerous, than it seems at first sight

The nuclear reactor which according to developers, absolutely safe prepares for start. But scientists from around the world nevertheless try to warn colleagues.

Thus world experts, having studied all open information have said that the Chinese nuclear power plant HTR-PM is more dangerous, than it seems at first sight. Developers claim, they have created innovative granules in which there will be a fuel, covered with ceramics and graphite.

They are at safe distance and maintain heatings. For this reason Chinese are sure that their innovation won't repeat mistakes of Chernobyl and Fukushima. The design doesn't allow uncontrollable allocations of heat which can destroy the reactor and protective designs around over time.

Scientists from Celestial Empire so are sure of themselves that they have decided not to install the system of active cooling. Really, it shouldn't overheat - why to waste money. It also guards other experts. Due to the lack of the additional system of active cooling which is one of the reasons there was an explosion in Japan in 2011.

Other nuclear power plants adapt special pumps which generate cold in systems.

On the Chinese HTR-PM is installed only less effective gas system not of active, but passive cooling. It means, heat is taken away by means of convection and natural radiation. And meanwhile, on the reactor there is no hermetic catcher that shows emissions of radiation. Besides, economy and too self-confident position of developers. Therefore the NPP is a class of the high-temperature gas-cooled reactors. Granulation of nuclear fuel experts also consider

"a stick in two ends". According to them, the innovation will have a set of waste which according to plans of developers will be hidden in land containers. They can be the stolen terrorists that will cause huge unpleasant consequences.

the German scientist Morman is sure that what now disagreements wouldn't be, Chinese anyway still hide a lot of things, and problems can be much there. Therefore he trusts, problems everything will be taken out in open access and to be discussed by the public, for prevention 3 nuclear explosions.

Experts ask Chinese to listen to their councils. First of all, to be spent and make the additional cooling system, to install radiation catcher, to invent more protected places for storage of nuclear waste. And also, for prevention explosions to make a phase of start of more long. It will give the chance at unforeseen situations right there to stop the reactor.



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