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Ex-chief of the Lukyanovsky pre-trial detention center Bunak: There was the real fight against crime earlier: convicts were pressed, indications beat out: in youth on three corpses in a night was

The former chief of the Lukyanovsky pre-trial detention center Valery Bunak in an interview to the GORDON edition
the Former chief of the Lukyanovsky pre-trial detention center Valery Bunak in an interview to the GORDON edition has told that earlier from prisoners indications beat out, and now the situation has changed.

It has noted that at him mortality in the pre-trial detention center was 33 prisoners a year, at the same time, according to him, there were no nisilstvenny death. "You can trust

or not, to me it is uninteresting someone to torture or to torture. There was the real fight against organized crime earlier. Convicts, sorry, pressed, indications and appearances beat out. At me is in youth that is and - akoye was... On three corpses in a night. Not 33 dead in a year from nearly 2500 convicts, and three in a night! Earlier the administration suppressed in the most severe way revolts, revolts, discontent in the pre-trial detention center", - Bunak has told.

according to him, was "other vision of fight against crime" earlier.

"Then really through a knee broke some. Now the world has changed, all in a different way. But at us if the situation has also improved, then only for convicts. If the chief of the pre-trial detention center, God forbid, even a finger touches the prisoner - everything, a lot of lawyers, people's deputies, journalists will run. At convicts now hundred - about - olko I am right, and duties, in fact, zero. Now they can even not work, and have been obliged earlier. Now, that to put the convict in colony in a punishment cell, it is necessary to prove on the commission that he has broken the mode, to call the lawyer. And earlier, for example, the convict has torn a sheet - everything, five days of a punishment cell, plus from you calculate sheet cost in a fivefold size", - the ex-chief of the Lukyanovsky pre-trial detention center has said.

It considers that the system of treatment of prisoners should be toughened.

"I don't miss, and I describe today's realities. If the person breaks something, has to bear responsibility and punishment. And with a so-called humanization and democratization of penal system we far won't leave. At more rights concluded already, than at employees of the pre-trial detention center. I consider that it is necessary to toughen a little this system", - Bunak has told.

Ex-chief of the Lukyanovsky pre-trial detention center Bunak: Convicts you know that to themselves thrust into a bum? Mobile on five pieces and so carry by in the pre-trial detention center. Read the full version of an interview

according to the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denis Chernyshov, the Ukrainian pre-trial detention centers have held about 19,5 thousand people, and the total number of prisoners both in insulators, and in colonies is nearly 57 thousand people.



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