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Exchange rate for August 25: the hryvnia has a little become stronger before days off

Exchange rate for August 25, 2018: before days off the hryvnia has begun to become stronger, the dollar has fallen in price by 1 kopek.

On Saturday August 25, 2018 continue to work rates of foreign currencies which the National Bank of Ukraine has established on Thursday as Friday was in the output holiday. Exchange rates are at such level:

of 100 US dollars - 2788,5488 hryvnias
of 100 euros - 3239,1783 hryvnias
of 10 Russian rubles - 4.1241 hryvnias.

In the previous bank day, on August 22, 2018, worked such official rates of the main foreign currencies:

of 100 US dollars - 2770,9475 hryvnias
of 100 euros - 3187,1438 hryvnias
of 10 Russian rubles - 4.1248 hryvnias.

is Already known that dollar exchange rate for August 27 has fallen by 3 kopeks, up to 27,85 UAH. Euro exchange rate of the NBU for August 27 has fallen to 14 kopeks up to 32,25 hryvnias.

On Thursday August 23 in the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market dollar has fallen in price by 1 kopek in purchase and sale to 27,82/27,88. Euro, on the contrary, by the end of day has risen in price on Mezhbank for 3 kopeks in purchase and for 2 kopeks on sale up to <32,21/32,>
For August 25 the National Bank has established such official rates of precious metals (for 10 troy ounces):

Gold - 333747.46 UAH,

Silver - 4122.87 UAH,

of Platin - 221689.63 UAH,

Palladium - 254315.65 UAH
Official rates of other foreign currencies on Saturday August 25, 2018 the National Bank has established at such level:

Zloty Poland - 7,56 UAH;

Pound sterling Great Britain - 36,02 UAH;

Swiss franc - 28,41 UAH;

Yuan China - 4,08 UAH;

the Japanese yen - 0,259 UAH;

Turkish lira - 4,62 UAH
the Cabinet of Ministers very much needs today foreign currency, by the end of 2018 in Ukraine can already declare a default if external debts ($1,75 billion) aren't paid. Gold and foreign exchange reserves thanks to "the successful strategy" of the last management and so are on a critical mark of 17,7 billion therefore the Ministry of Finance won't be able to take more money from stocks. If the profile ministry after all goes to it, then the rating agencies monitoring a situation will at once punish Ukraine for violation of the international standards because of what percent for future credits from the IMF and other institutes will grow.

Also Politeka wrote how Sberbank will strike Ukrainians: negative consequences are called.




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