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Everything that you? do you know? about obesity - a lie! War against thick - is useless

Time for a new paradigm has come.

for decades the medical community ignored mountains of proofs to wage cruel and useless war with fat people, poisoning public perception and destroying millions of lives.

the Interesting view of a problem has published Huffington Post. "the 16th till the 19th century the scurvy has killed with

about 2 million seamen it is, more, than wars, ship-wrecks and syphilis. Same awful as a disease, there was the fact that during the majority of these 300 years medical experts knew how to prevent a scurvy and just haven't made it.

in the 1600th years some captains distributed lemons, limes and oranges in team, understanding that the daily dose of a citrus will interfere with progress of a scurvy. But the British fleet, wishing to reduce expenses, I have replaced a citrus with a malt mash and puree which didn't save from a scurvy in any way".

Similar short-sightedness repeats throughout all history. Seat belts have been invented long before the car, but weren't obligatory for cars till 1960th years. The first confirmed death from influence of asbestos has been registered in 1906, but chemical wasn't forbidden till 1973.

It brings us to one of the biggest gaps between science and practice in?? our time. In several years we with horror will look back to the counterproductive ways of fight against obesity and barbaric ways of treatment of fat people. Though their fault is minimum.

Mankind steadily gets fat.

people began to get fat About 40 years ago. According to the Centers for control and prevention of diseases, nearly 80 percent of adults and about a third of children correspond to clinical determination of excess weight or obesity now. With "extreme obesity" there live more people, than with a breast cancer, parkinsonism, Alzheimer's disease and HIV.

I the main reply of medical community to this shift was in accusing fat people that they are fat.

Obesity as speak, is your personal shortcoming which strains our health care system, reduces GDP and destroys military power.

That is why fear to become or remain thick forces people to spend for a diet more means, than for entertainments. Forty five percent of adults say that they are anxious with the weight for some time - 11-percentage increase since 1990. Nearly a half of 3-6-year-old girls say that they are afraid to become fat.

All diets don't work! Chances of the woman for whom obesity is diagnosed, to return to "normal" weight: 0.008% Within 60 years doctors and researchers knew two things which could improve or even to save millions of lives. First, diets don't work. Not only buckwheat or Atkins, but in general ALL diets.

Still a research of 1959 has shown that 95-98 percent of attempts to lose weight will fail and that two thirds keeping to a diet then will gather more, than have lost. Reasons биологич



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