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"Every second": the first frames of landing of the robot geologist of NASA to Mars

How the lowered InSight module made landing on the plain of Elisions at the equator of Mars, on the air observed thousands of the viewers of NASA television channel. Why the USA sent one more robot to the fourth world of the Solar system and what its secrets he will study, - in material of RIA Novosti. An echo of depths of Mars "My main dream - to hear marsotryaseniye. Of course, there are many hints on the fact that tremors on Mars occur every week, but so far we cannot tell surely that it so actually. Therefore I will just dance for joy when we for the first time catch similar fluctuations", - Bruce Banerdt, the mission manager of InSight in NASA said.

the InSight Lander is intended for the first in the history of observations of processes in a subsoil of the Red planet. Today he became the official successor of other probe geologist of NASA, the lender Phoenix who made landing to Mars in May, 2008 for search of traces of life and water in the soil of the planet.

onboard the probe is a seismograph and also the geophysical thermometer which will be installed in the five-meter well for measurements of temperature of a subsoil of Mars. One of devices with high precision will monitor fluctuations of rotation of the planet that will help to define distribution of weight in its subsoil and it is better to understand internal structure.

In NASA planned that InSight will go to Mars in March, 2016. But because of malfunctions in SEIS seismometer made by the French engineers and scientists by request of CNES, start was shifted.

to the InSight Team was succeeded to solve all problems and to successfully send the probe to Mars in May of this year together with pair of the MarCO-1 microsatellites. Today they played a role of the peculiar television reporters who were filming process of landing of the robot geologist with cameras and reported these shots and data from the landing platform to Earth. The space totalizator For realization of a dream of Banerdt InSight had to be played the dangerous "space totalizator" - to try to sit down on a surface of one of the most inhospitable, "damned" planets of the Solar system.

For all space age only a half of the devices trying to make landing to Mars coped with this task. The others burned down in the atmosphere because of failure in operation of braking systems or failed as a result of unclear, and at times funny malfunctions.

For example, at Soviet "Mars - 2" the parachute was not developed, and "Mars - 3" died in moments after landing under extremely mysterious circumstances. The American Mars Climate Orbiter blew up because engineers forgot to consider differences between the metric and imperial systems of measures by preparation of the software of the probe.

the Landing Skiaparelli platform, the last victim of the Red planet, broke because of a silly program error and short-term failure in work of one of height sensors two years ago. Something similar happened to an ambitious mission of Mars Polar Lander - the device failed on the South Pole of Mars from big height because of premature shutdown of the engine.



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