Date: 4 months ago   Category: Incidents

Even in a bad dream it is difficult to present it: garbage truck wheel has crushed the woman directly on the sidewalk, video

Ridiculous and terrible death has overtaken the woman when she sat down in stopped on a roadside of the
the wheel which has Come off KamAZ has killed the 54-year-old woman getting into the taxi car.

Accident has happened in Moscow on Avtozavodskaya Street near the Third transport ring. Hardly the passenger has given to

a hand to open a back door of the taxi as has struck her, the heavy wheel flying at a huge speed.

As became known, the back wheel which has flown away from the truck, moved with a speed of 70 km/h, and the woman has died from injuries incompatible with life. It happened to

in the face of the staff of security guard and patrol service. Law enforcement authorities saw how the wheel flies to the woman and have made attempts to stop it.

Terrible breakage of the truck which cost life to the person has occurred at the car belonging to the garbage company. the Truck driver has managed to notice

only how the wheel has escaped and has jerked with a speed, the speed of KamAZ much exceeding. Wheel In Moscow on Avtozavodskaya Street near the Third transport ring. has driven into a dividing lane, and then - into a roadside.

However even blow about a border hasn't stopped a wheel, and it has continued a way while at last didn't crash into the woman.

the issue of initiation of two criminal cases under the articles "Traffic Offence and Operation of Vehicles" and "Substandard Repair of Vehicles and Their Release in Operation with Technical Malfunctions" Is resolved.

as a result of arrival three children have died on the spot, and the fourth has seriously suffered. The boy was taken by helicopter to the nearest hospital.

Is known that all died children were from one family. Among them there were two 6-year-old twin brothers and their 9-year-old sister. The 11-year-old boy was the victim.

has Also become clear that driving the pickup there was a 24-year-old girl. At present she is interrogated by police. Exact causes of accident remain unknown. At the same time police officers report that alcohol hasn't been involved in business.




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