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Euro exchange rate has exceeded 81 rubles for the first time since 2016

Analysts consider that the possibility of imposition of new sanctions and also trade war of the USA with China and other countries became the reason.

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according to the Moscow Exchange at 20:10 on September 10, 2018 dollar exchange rate has reached 70,5 rubles, and euro exchange rate - 81,8 rubles. At the maximum assessment on Monday the dollar was cost 70,5 rubles, and by euro - 81,5 rubles. These indicators have broken the records of both currencies of March, 2016.

at the same time on Friday, September 7, 2018, euro has also set a record, having risen in price up to 80 rubles. The Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Andrey Belousov has connected decline of ruble with political events, and the Finance Minister Anton Siluanov called among the reasons expectation of a new wave of sanctions and instability in the markets of Turkey, the Republic of South Africa and Argentina. Opinions of analysts continuous fall of the Russian state bonds became the Basis of this tendency. As a result the RGBI index shows the descending dynamics the fifth session in a row, having once again updated a two-year minimum.

Investors are afraid of imposition of sanctions against the Russian debt papers and also the possible beginning of a cycle of increase in a key interest rate of the Bank of Russia.

In the current situation participants of the Russian foreign exchange market are very sensitive to any negative, and even for lack of negative drivers any more or less large purchase of currency provokes the self-amplifying chain reaction, causing the next failure of ruble.

Nevertheless, from the fundamental point of view the Russian currency is significantly underestimated as financial and economic indicators of Russia are far from serious problems of developing countries, and possible influence of the anti-Russian sanctions is exaggerated.

of analytics "BKS the broker" - the quote by "BKS of Ekpress" of Currency of developing countries remain in minus against the background of the remaining concern on a subject of trade wars. On Friday the U.S. President has threatened to introduce duties concerning the Chinese goods for the sum of $267 billion in addition to those $50 billion which already work, and those $200 billion, the decision on which is at high readiness. Thus, the announced duties can affect all Chinese import to the USA.

On this general negative background a situation for ruble can be aggravated with the next hearings in the senate of the USA on subject of the Russian sanctions. Senators will discuss new possible tools of sanctions pressure upon Russia with representatives of a number of research institutes.

of analytics of Nordea Bank - the quote by So far happened nothing new, we continue to trade Friday paradigms around 70 rubles for dollar. All this is still connected with new sanctions, with the previous sanctions, with charges and with reaction to them.

Sergey Romanchuk
the head of operations in the foreign exchange and monetary market of Metallinvestbank - the quote by The Bell Besides sanctions risks for ruble presses decrease in all emerging markets. It is impossible to predict the movement of a course now: at such prices of oil the ruble never before cost little so.

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