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Estimates of Dynamo for a match with Ajax: Tsygankov - it is "good", protection - "неуд"

Alas, Kiev Dynamo has lost the first of two duels of the playoffs of qualification of the Champions League in Amsterdam, and has considerably complicated chances of pass to a group stage on the sum of two duels. The score 1:3 - not the worst what could be. And on August 28 in Kiev it is necessary not only to hammer, but also not to repeat those mistakes which were present at play of the team of the trainer Alexander Khatskevich on August 22 in Amsterdam much.

of estimates a game of each separately taken player of Dynamo on a 10-mark scale.

Rating scale: 1 - I played for foreign team, 2 - it is disgusting, 3 - it is very bad, 4 - it is bad, 5 - it is mediocre, 6 - it is normal, 7 - it is good, 8 - it is excellent, 9 - it is magnificent, 10 - a fantasy!

Starting lineup
Denis Boyko - 4. For the first time in this season I have passed from a game, and at once - three times. And, the first goal (it precisely on conscience of the goalkeeper) has very much reminded goal in a match of Young Boys - Dynamo a year ago which has barred to Kiev residents the way to group of the Champions League. However, then in gate there was Maxim Koval.

generally, both was mistaken, and didn't help out.

Tomasz Kendzera - 5. Together with Boyko also all defenders have to divide doubtful "monasteries" of losers of a match. Because, proceeding from the name of their role, they have to be PROTECTED first of all. In the same match at them better it turned out to play in the attack, than in defense. The Pole - one of striking examples: I have scored a goal, but the third ball has come to gate of Dynamo from his flank.

Tamash Kadar - 4. One more "station wagon": his heading has led to Kendzera's goal, but all three balls which have flown in gate of Dynamo are directly or indirectly connected with mistakes just the Hungarian.

Nikita Burda - 3. The first and third passed balls - his wine, I lost a position. And, unlike colleagues, I haven't succeeded in the attack at all.

Josip Pivarich - 5. The same, as on other defenders: I could hammer, beautifully sending a ball to "nine" from a penalty, but I was mistaken in defense, despite the status of the vice-world champion much.

Sergey Sidorchuk - 5. Quite adequately, but without "a hvataniye of stars from the sky". And without leader fulfillments. And Sergey is captain...

Vitaly Buyalsky - 5. I have played at the level, strongly I didn't portachit, I could score in the second half, but I have struck directly in the defender.

Denis Garmash - 3. Denis - in all the "beauty"! If he spent so much time with a ball in legs how many he spends for an emotional talk with the arbitrator, rivals, partners - the price to him wouldn't be! And so...

After the match the coach of Dynamo Khatskevich admitted that he hasn't wanted to change the player in the first half supposedly not to injure psychologically. It is far stronger to injure?

Benjamin Werbitsch - 5. From the Slovene waited a lot of bigger in this game especially as in the previous matches he pulled team so that, it seemed, becomes the leader of Dynamo. In Amsterdam it it wasn't at all.

Victor Tsygankov - 7. Against the background of the others, I haven't fallen below the level, though I was the youngest (for it - plus 1 point) in the field as a part of guests.



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