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Essential oils which best of all protect from pincers are called

Summer and spring - an ideal time, if not one "but" - insects. Pincers therefore how to protect themselves from stings costs are especially dangerous it is necessary to think in advance.

Is told what essential oils frighten off ticks.

is a lot of different repellent means from pincers Now, but they contain toxic chemicals" which can provoke a headache and nausea.

Should knowing that pincers to be afraid of a smell of essential oils therefore it is recommended to apply them to protect itself from stings.

to Adults and children should use different essential oils.

Adult will approach:

of basilicas and thyme;

rosemary and mint;

cedar and lavender;

of a palmaroz and geranium;

eucalyptus and fighting tree.

will suit Children:

tea tree;

of a tack;




from pincers in house conditions will be necessary For preparation of repellents:


base oil;


What repellent means from pincers can be prepared in house conditions: to dissolve

2 of h l of one of essential oils in a small amount of alcohol, to mix received solution with clear water (200 ml) and to pour in флако with a spray. The received spray can be applied on hair, sleeping bags, clothes.

Also instead of alcohol can use vinegar: on 4 h l - and to mix 15 drops of oil from 2 tablespoons of water.

on the basis of essential oils can prepare cream-oil for a body which is also effective in fight against pincers. to connect

of 300 ml of essential oil to cream on the basis of an aloe the belief (150 ml) and to shake up all ingredients to a homogenous mixture, then still to add essential oil and to shake up everything.

the Received cream is applied on any parts of the body.



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