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Essential oils are new antibiotics against impregnable? superbacteria?

Behind them - the future.

Modern virus bacteria are almost impregnable for antibiotics. Scientists and farmers look for them an alternative among plant extracts, The Atlantic reports.

Essential oils are the plant extracts which became the main ingredient for many drugs. They are used by

in the food industry as preservative. It is proved also that various oils effectively treat a wide range of widespread illnesses, such as nausea and migraine. Researches show that these oils are rather powerful to kill even cancer cells of the person.

Many real researches of efficiency of essential oils are carried already out in public and animals though most of them still were not beyond laboratory experiments. "Recession of efficiency of antibiotics is potentially one of the most important problems which the medicine in the 21st century faces", - doctor Kirill Gaye, the senior head of the national program in Department of agriculture of the USA (USDA) says. As earlier the scientist Carry Romm reported, up to 80 percent of the antibiotics used in the USA, farmers prick to the cattle which meat is eaten then by people.

led Such impetuous use of these medicines to emergence of "superbacteria" which become more and more steady against antibiotics.

Actually, nearly 70 percent of antibiotics which give to animals on farms are classified as "having medical value" for people.

of Romm claims: "In the USA the resistance to antibiotics caused more than two million cases in 2013 and 23 000 death". And the situation worsens: the recent report shows that microbes, steady against medicines, can cause more than 10 million death. It will cost to world economy 100 trillion dollars by 2050.

Of course, medicines are sometimes necessary for treatment of infections of a livestock. But the real reasons for which farmers abuse antibiotics for animals is desire to accelerate their growth and to compensate close and insanitary living conditions of animals.

the Haematologist and professor of Tufts University doctor Stewart Levi, the director of the Center of adaptation, geneticists and medicinal stability, expressed the opinion after this occasion.

It and his colleagues consider that abuse of antibiotics on farms exerts very great influence on resistance of microbes to antibiotics.

It warned about this problem nearly 40 years ago when farmers only found out that introduction of a small amount of antibiotics to a forage for animals led to their growth. Even then researches showed that chickens developed resistance to antibiotics in high gear - within a week animals had steady bacteria in intestines.

What measures are undertaken to resist to the growing threat for the whole world? FDA called all busy in the agricultural industry voluntarily to reduce use of antibiotics, but it nobody not to the controller



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