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Emotional exhaustion - is real. There are his main symptoms

Emotional exhaustion - is real. There are his main symptoms
Take care of the health.

are Too overloaded with work, have a constant stress - be careful! You are close to emotional exhaustion.

Emotional exhaustion - not only a psychological problem, it brings also physical discomfort, constant slackness.

But Libro De Ideas warns: emotional exhaustion doesn't disappear after the conflict, it only collects and leads to a deep depression or a disease.

the Most frequent reason - an imbalance between our efforts and result. It is complemented with a stress on the robot and fear of dismissal, problems in family.

In such state we refuse the interests and requirements, we don't gain recognition that aggravates a situation even more.

It is necessary to be on the lookout and in time to distinguish the first symptoms of emotional exhaustion.

It: frequent physical fatigue, even right after awakening; insomnia, because of constant thoughts; irritability and loss of self-checking; lack of motivation; emotional insensibility; frequent forgetfulness; slow thinking. But there is good news: it is possible to win against emotional exhaustion.

I the first assistant here - rest. Try though for several days to distract from cares, to have a rest and change scenery.

the Second step - change of your approach to situations. Reject obsessions, you remember rest and change of a kind of activity for day.

At last, hear yourself and the requirements.

Spend some time alone to concentrate and understand that it is really necessary for you. Be careful and kind to themselves.

A at you happened a condition of emotional burning out? How have you coped with him?

of Mart Oliynik.



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