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Elena Mayorova: the mystery of death of the actress who has burned down alive

Death of a star of the Russian cinema, the magnificent theatrical actress Elena Mayorova in August, 1997 has shaken the whole country. But it is even more, than the fact of death, circumstances of departure of the actress from life shook: Elena Mayorova has burned down. She has fallen unconscious at an office entrance to theater of a name of the Moscow Council which was near an entrance of her house.

Awful death
that fatal evening a dress of the actress, her long hair and more than 80% of the area of leather have burned down, having formed a dense brown crust through which cracks blood exuded. Still live she was brought on "Ambulance" to institute of Sklifosovsky where she later has died several hours.

What it was - suicide or accident? Both versions have the right for existence...


the Leading actress of Moscow Art Theatre of Chekhov, a star of cinema, the owner of many prestigious awards, the young and beautiful woman living in happy marriage with the loving and congenial person - the artist Sergey Sherstyuk - here whom was Elena Mayorova by the time of the death.

the Way to theater was given to the girl from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk hardly. She has come to theatrical only from the second time, one year she studied in construction technical training college, having ended it with the diploma with honors. During study in GITIS it was very much allocated by the master of a course Oleg Tabakov. Then, in days of service in Moscow Art Theatre of Chekhov - the chief director of theater O. Efremov.

Were also difficulties, but Elena was able to overcome them. After the termination of GITIS the young actress very much didn't want to leave Moscow, it would mean the end to all hopes for happy theatrical career. She has successfully married the Muscovite, the fellow student Vladimir Chaplygin.

When has failed the USSR, many actors were left literally with nothing. The film ceased to be shot, in theaters paid kopeks. But Elena Mayorova, thanks to a trudosposobnostiya to talent, has appeared among popular actresses, she contained not only herself, but also the second husband Sergey Sherstyuk who, as well as many representatives of the creative intellectuals in the 90th could find himself not at once the world where fill with everything money. In theater it had

problems too. On rehearsals of "Three sisters" where she played Masha, Oleg Efremov as tell, was especially captious to her, exhausted remarks and even abused. Elena Mayorova took this disapproval of the master very hard, however, to a premiere the situation has improved, and Mayorova has shaken all theatrical Moscow by the tragic and beautiful Masha.

As is told by Elena Mayorova's girlfriend Tatyana Dogileva, words were the main motto of Elena: "Nothing, we will break". Quite so she told every time when it was difficult for her. In day when there was a tragedy, Elena spoke from Dogileva by phone, and the girlfriend has suspected nothing, and equal her voice was so cheerful.

Sergey Sherstyuk's Son from first marriage Nikita Sherstyuk was the last who saw Mayorova living. He came this day to her to the apartment, and remembers that she kept absolutely naturally and quietly, made plans on ближайш



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