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Electric vehicles - 5 most reliable options in 2018

All of us perfectly know that electric vehicles are more reliable, than a car on internal combustion engines, but nevertheless, what of them the best? If you choose

the first electroracer, then easily you will understand that it is absolutely new world, which at all very famous. Though the concept of driving of the car which refuels from the house socket can seem futuristic, the technology which is the cornerstone exists from the middle of the 19th century. Advance in technologies of development of batteries allows the latest electric vehicles (EV) to pass 450 kilometers or more on one charge.

However, as well as upon any purchase of a car, at buyers of EM can arise fear about long-term reliability of these models. Theoretically, electric vehicles have to be less problematic, than petrol Sabratha. Why? For example, their transmission uses only one transfer, instead of 10 in the ordinary automatic transmission. Besides, EM demand smaller service, having bypassed more than two tens components - including spark plugs, seat belts. And oil and water pumps, in general, at some point, demand replacement. we will show to

five most available electric vehicles 2018 of model year to purchase about which our sources speak In this article, how about the most reliable.

of BMW i3

Battery option of BMW i3 with futuristic style receives 3 of 5 points for reliability from Consumer Reports (CR) and 3,5 of 5 points from JD Power. (There is also a version "with the increased course" i3 in which the small gas engine is added, she is considered hybrid). CR estimates i3 above an average on all aspects of mechanical durability, from the power transmission to electronics in the car, on the basis of polls of owners for the last three model years.

Price: ~ 45 445 US dollars.


One of the youngest among electric vehicles, stylish Tesla Model 3, will be rather reliable, and has received rating 3/5. There are no details of rather potential problems due to the lack of responses from owners yet, but CR gives to the car such point, based on remarkable responses of owners of Tesla Model S. However JD Power haven't estimated the car yet.

Price: ~ 50 200 US dollars.

of the Kind of Nissan Leaf are on sale since 2011, and this is one of the leading sellers of a segment therefore there is more developed picture of responses, than with the majority of new electric vehicles. Consumer Reports estimates him on 4/5 on reliability, at this JD Power gives GPA 3/5. CR highly appreciates him practically in all categories, except for the control system of climate of the car.

Price: ~ 30 885 US dollars.


information, Available still with 2012, on work of the flagman Tesla Model S sedan already full and reliable. Consumer Reports estimate him in 4/5 for reliability on the basis of polls of owners for the last six years. It is curious that JD Power hasn't published the rating of reliability for the most sold car б yet



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