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Elections in the fake republics: what threat for Ukraine

After elimination of the head of the occupational power in Donetsk Zakharchenko in ORDLO have announced carrying out so-called local elections again. What

the scenario plays the Kremlin after Zakharchenko's murder, and about his consequences - in material 24 channels. The new strategy of Surkov Puppet groups in occupied territories of Donbass according to the indication of the Kremlin try to press to Ukraine and the West, threatening to hold "local elections". It becomes to force Ukraine to execute a political part "Minsk-2". Kiev and the western partners note that at first Russia and its satellites in ORDLO have to implement the first defensive clauses of arrangements:

complete ceasefire
a withdrawal of Russian troops from occupied territories
It seems that in the Kremlin have decided to accelerate process to force Ukraine to announce amnesty to fighters and to hold elections to ORDLO.

at the end of 2017 on the occupied Luhansk region as a result of a mutiny has been eliminated the head of LPR Carpenter's, and Pasichnik is appointed the acting as. Putin's Assistant Surkov has specially eliminated

Carpenter's and liquidated Zakharchenko
in general liquidated. According to the cochairman of GI "Right cause" Dmitry Snegirev, Zakharchenko it was planned to remove according to the same scenario, as Carpenter's. His author is the curator of ORDLO, Putin's assistant Surkov. But something went wrong.

Carpenter's and Zakharchenko have eliminated after their meetings with Surkov. Though Carpenter's have taken out quietly, and liquidated Zakharchenko. The mutiny wasn't successful, his positions were stronger, than at Carpenter's. Zakharchenko's murder is an operation of Surkov,

- Dmitry Snegirev has noted.

to the place of Zakharchenko in several hours appoint the so-called minister of income Timofeev, and in couple of days - Denis Pushilin (the organizer of the pro-Russian meetings in Donetsk in April, 2014, the deputy the self-proclaimed "governor" of Donetsk region Pavel Gubarev - "24") - the person Surkov. And at once declare elections on November 11, 2018.

according to the director of analytical center "Politika" Nikolay Davidyuk, is typical provocation of Russia and attempt not to carry out the Minsk agreements.

the Chairman of the board of the Center of the applied political researches "Penta" Vladimir Fesenko considers that it is a part of strategy of Surkov.

Surkov's Strategy - freezing of the conflict. For this purpose it is necessary to store all this mifostruktura in ORDLO, respectively, to hold elections. But Surkov doesn't want to refuse negotiations on possible reintegration of these territories on the Russian conditions. Therefore his tactics - aggravation to play on blackmail, the ultimatum for Zakharchenko's murders,

- Fesenko has emphasized.

In fact it was confirmed by the Russian political scientist Alexey Chesnakov, close to Surkov, who has said that "elections Pushilin and Pasichnik will win". Minsk Agreement won't cancel, but crisis is possible As observers note, the Minsk Agreement is all the same valid though I am detached Carpenter's, and



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