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Elbon: Now I understand better what I want from the car

Tests passed in Barcelona for Toro Rosso very positively: yesterday Daniil Kvyat showed the third time, having passed 121 circles, today Alexander Elbon overcame 110 more, having determined the second time of day.

Alexander Elbon: "Day turned out productive, we finished all series which planned. We dealt better with updates which brought here on Gran Pri - is sure, many things which recognized by the course of tests, we will be able to use in the next races. As for me, I understand better now what I want from the car and what settings are necessary to me in qualification. In general today we made a lot of things".

Guillaume Dezote, chief racing engineer: "And again productive day in Montmelo. Alex replaced Daniil and collected very important information on aerodynamics for what in a morning session we had to work seriously. Before a lunch, despite two red flags, we managed to pass several short series on tires C3 for further optimization of work with rubber.

rose wind in the Afternoon, the behavior of the car became unstable that complicated pilotage for Alex. We focused on settings of a pendant, having studied various approaches to use of the tires C2 which were well working for it during the race. Then we checked several novelties on structure of C3, and, at last, switched to C4 to finish tests of efficiency of the car.

We are happy how we passed for us tests. Both cars and power plants worked steadily, racers did not make mistakes, and the team could collect the huge volume of data for the analysis. Of course, the fact that tests stop so early for 16 races before the end of a season, sets a difficult task for us, but we will use the best efforts that by means of collected here given to achieve progress".

of Masamitsu Motokhasha, deputy technical director of Honda F1: "One more productive day of tests after the similar program of yesterday. We worked over some updates aimed at long-term development and also studied settings of the power plant which we will be able to use in Monaco where in a week the training starts.

our power plant worked these two days smoothly, with Toro Rosso we finished in total 231 circles. Following on the agenda - Gran Pri of Monaco, we will analyse all data collected here better to be prepared for a stage".



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