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Ejection doesn't make money for the Pentagon the USA more safely - National Interest

On Monday the U.S. President Donald Trump has arrived in the Fort of Dramas, military base of the USA in the State of New York where has signed the Law on protection of national defense for 2019. This legislation authorizes a defense expenditure of 717 billion dollars that has increased defenses the budget of the country more than by 20 billion in comparison with the budget for 2018. In 2017 financial year a defense expenditure made a little more than 600 billion that almost for 20% has exceeded the amount of financing for the last few years, The National Interest writes.

Despite significant increase in financing of the Ministry of Defence of the USA, the Pentagon has just ignored various political offers which could make department more effective, and would keep billions of dollars of taxpayers in the USA. For example, more than 2 billion dollars could be saved, having carried out about thirty reforms offered by the General inspector of the Ministry of Defence, stated in the report for March, 2018.

In total exists more than one and a half thousand open recommendations about economy of means which haven't been considered by the Ministry of Defence that would allow to save billions if they are realized. In 2017 the Ministry of Defence has successfully realized slightly less than one third from 1298 recommendations. But such offers collect every year. Besides, more than fifty of these recommendations haven't been considered for the last five years.

Though financing of the Pentagon increases every year, department just ignores requests for modification which will increase its efficiency and fiscal stability. Senators hawks who deal with defense issues push these mass increases in expenses within a year, but it is difficult to protect them when thousands of measures of economy are available and wait for realization of the Ministry of Defence.

isn't difficult to find offers on reforming as the report on five hundred pages contains and defines their priority. Some of high-priority recommendations include return of unjustified payments from contractors for the wrong costs of labor and establishment of supervision of activity in the medical centers. Each offer is pages with the detailed description of various offers.

has also found Institute of reform of expenses and has made offers from Management of the state accountability, the Budgetary management of the Congress, Congressmen and experts in policy issues in the field of defense.

Such offers as improvement of procedures of utilization of the non-profitable equipment of the Ministry of Defence, would save several million dollars while restriction of increase in a basic payment will lead to hundreds of billions of savings in a decade. These ideas can not be popular among all, but it is necessary to discuss them if Americans want to reduce growth of military expenses in the long term.

Besides, the vice-president Mike Pence has announced plans of creation of Space forces of the USA to 2020



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