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EICMA-2018: Honda CB650R and CBR650R (2019) - the First impressions

The Milan Motor-salon EICMA-2018 has begun not absolutely traditionally, with the presentation of Honda Motor Co., which the company has carried out not in the pavilion, and has removed for this purpose the biggest conference room of Fiera Milano. Reset of a srednekubaturny class has decided to carry out Honda to the 70th birthday total.

of МОТОГОНКИ.РУ, on November 7, 2018 - That can interest us, models which in 2019 will arrive to Russia officially is, first of all, Honda CB650R and CBR650R. Yes, "R" because has come is time to increase muscles and to become more aggressive, have counted in Honda! Not an upgrade, and reorganization of CB650 and CBR650 - two models which were already existing in the range Honda, generally focused on Europe, America and Great Britain. They incarnations of 2017 haven't reached us. But to have an idea what to write about, I have spent week serially in a saddle of Honda CB600F Hornet, then to CB650F 2017 of year and, at last, in Milan have changed on CB650R of the 2019th.

Is considered that the 600-vat class slowly dies out. And here Spain with Italy so don't consider. Spain is full of srednekubaturny neyked of the same level that Hornet and CB650F - both Suzuki, and Kawasaki, and Yamaha are present at enough here.

Detailed acquaintance to CB600F has begun for me... on the serpentine in Kastilyona that in only 50 km from Valencia. Constant change of the directions of the movement for Hornet - norm of life therefore on the pass the easy and brisk bike feels excellently. The fork, well has seemed a little soft, and the potential of the engine comes to an end too quickly, but I managed to make out 215 km/h on a speedometer once. For city conditions the machine more than self-sufficient. The only thing, me on it nevertheless wasn't so comfortable (after all big, liter motorcycles) - too compact he. And still, now we speak about the motorcycle with 8-year history. What there with motiky is fresher - last year's, for example?

of CB650F of generation of 2017 - the same stritfayter, but is more, is higher, more rigid also with a little more meat sound, modern. It wasn't succeeded to experience any radical difference in dynamics from 50 additional cubes and 5 hp (85 against 80 hp): at constant turns gear shifting becomes business difficult, and it is necessary to last on some chosen in advance (usually, the 3rd while she doesn't twist finally). "F" smoothly turns into "R" In November, 2018 of CB650F there was CB650R! He has stopped being a stritfayter and has turned into Neo Sports Cafe. It is full change of image without change of the platform: here it is changed, but there was externally almost same a frame and also the engine. Inside the engine has changed stronger.

the New power of 95 hp is reached by processing of inlet and final collectors, forms of combustion chambers, increase in extent of compression to 11.6:1, tuning of phases of gas distribution, change-over of the moment of ignition, installation (in base) iridic candles lighting - generally, method of total optimization.

Landing has changed too! After issue of Honda CB1000R Ne



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