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EICMA-2018: Give it Revolution! - Harley-Davidson was presented by the production LiveWire electromotorcycle

Usually, when we write about the new motik presented on EICMA, right there the question rests against horsepowers, a power supply system, release and anything such. And here what it is possible to write about an elektrokastoma, besides, serial moreover and from Harley-Davidson?

of МОТОГОНКИ.РУ, on November 8, 2018 - the Presentation of so long-awaited Harley-Davidson LiveWire has taken place on Tuesday, November 6 at the stand of the company in Milan. The event has brought together the mass of journalists, of course: not every day the top world company begins serial release of such product!

But has turned out that about it couldn't be written. Someone from journalists has already driven on LiveWire prototype in Germany, but since then he has managed to change externally. Perhaps, and internally. The one that have presented in Milan - more beautifully in everything.

Remain the dry facts more or less known and impressions of design.

Yes, is H-D or the motorcycle in H-D style - as it is pleasant to you more. Very road (17" a back wheel and 18" forward), perhaps, for every day. And it is, probably, the first Harley-Davidson which weighs no more regular motorcycle - "only" 208 kg of ready-to-run.

the Motorcycle in Streetfighter style: in him there is something from Buell, something from new H-D of the FXDR series. By the way, Streetfighter - the following novelty of H-D which is planned to be started in 2020, with the engine of normal combustion, of course.

the Powerful fork - "double-dealing fellow" with radial Brembo brakes, the adjusted monoshock-absorber connecting the pendulum and the aluminum frame very similar to "a bird's cage" and also the belt drive, traditional for the company, to a back wheel - the client have decided not to shock with some new, radical decisions. All ahead?

Instead of the gasoline tank - the big socket for the charger. The most part of mass of LiveWire is occupied, apparently, by joint stock bank: judging by appearance, it is a cellular design on LiFePo4-elements of high return with a capacity about 55 a-Ch or 7 kW at a voltage of 127B. The engine has to give up to 74 hp and the moment of 70 Nanometers. And, all 70 Nanometers of the moment have to be available instantly.

operates the Rest electronics. She won't allow the motorcycle to disperse quicker than 152 km/h. On how many will charge of joint stock bank at intensive acceleration? It is difficult to tell without test drive.

of P.S. Harley-Davidson didn't announce any concrete data on productivity and accurate technical characteristics yet. Mass production has to begin in 2019. The price, dates - everything is foggy.



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