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EICMA-2018: CARDO announced partnership with JBL and has shown new top Bluetooth font

The CARDO company, the leader in development and production of systems of communication for motorcycles announced important partnership and has presented a novelty in a model range of fonts for helmets on Milan Motor-salon EICMA-2018.

of МОТОГОНКИ.РУ, on November 8, 2018 - the First news of CARDO is the beginning of cooperation with JBL, a leader in production of speaker systems: the American company will deliver to CARDO speakers (laid on earphones) for helmets with which will complete sets of fonts of the PACKTALK series.

Also, speakers of JBL it will be possible to buy separately and to change earlier established. It is no secret that middle service life of this element doesn't exceed 3 seasons, later, fragile membranes begin to be deformed and rustle. They are recommended to be changed from time to time. And now there is an excellent occasion to make it, perhaps, out of turn.

the Second news, release of the latest of Bluetooth font of a top class - Cardo FREECOM 4.

Has changed design, functionality and the general approach in design. FREECOM 4 is designed for users who would like to unite to owners of fonts of other producers, for example, of SANA. And yes, FREECOM 4 will also be completed with speakers of JBL! What interesting is in Cardo FREECOM 4? The new ergonomics - are better, than at PACKTALK. Agree that you often missed with hardly coming out buttons in the fonts. Long looked for long loaf with a green tubule while phone overstrained, and pressed in a temper another and dumped a call, were irritated, and so on. Here FREECOM have no such problem.

First, buttons on a font are made more - they come out on 5-6 mm, it is difficult to miss the mark. Plus, the logical decision to transfer the answer button (to a call or a call from other font) on the far-away country has been made - exactly there all the time gets a finger in a glove!

have transferred the Operating castor down and have made it a normal scooter. At the Cardo stand to eat it is possible to feel the font established on SHOEI ADV, a helmet with rather developed protection of cheekbones, never flip - the apostle. For all times that I instinctively raised the left hand, I got precisely to two buttons: or answer to a call, or to a scooter. It is a good subject, and I seriously will think of probably to change the PACKTALK for FREECOM 4. Besides, even more often it is necessary to connect on Bluetooth, directly.

By tradition, with an exit of a new product of a top class, CARDO does a free upgrade to all line of the previous generation. That is, if you are already an owner of FREECOM 4, then having established an upgrade, receive full functionality 4.

This upgrade can be carried out a usual reinsertion of a font available on the official site of or through a mobile application. The difference between PACKTALK and FREECOM PACKTALK is a top font with DMC technology and completely supports all Bluetooth functions; FREECOM isn't equipped with DMC. Communication range between two Bluetooth fonts is limited to direct visibility in 900-1100 m (depending on about



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