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Efirium has high potential - the former CEO of Google

Eric Schmidt, the former head of the Google company who is considered bitcoin for a long time - and a blockchain enthusiast has told that Efirium can become "the powerful platform" which capacity is out of price charts.

in San Francisco, in a conversation with the economist Tyler Cowen, Schmidt has discussed At Village Global action the future of technologies, reform of corporate management, practice of employment in Google and bifurcation of the Internet.

On a question whether he considers that the blockchain is overestimated or underestimated, Schmidt has given the difficult answer. In a public format - it is overestimated, and on the technical potential and in use - it is underestimated. Today the blockchain is a beautiful platform for bitcoin and other currencies. And it is the excellent platform for private bank operations where people don't trust each other, he said.
Schmidt considers that fascinating events happen to air which can revolutionize business and society. I think that the most interesting what occurs, is the beginning of implementation of the decisions for scaling of a blockchain which are over a blockchain. And if Efirium is able to find a way of global synchronization of this activity, it will be rather powerful platform. This really new invention, - Schmidt has told.

Is bull assessment which, certainly, is supported by Efirium's cofounder Vitalik Buterinim.

Buterin has quashed rumors recently that he recedes from Efirium's development, having said that he stimulates other developers to work on the protocol with an open code.

Is interesting that Eric Schmidt relied on bitcoin earlier. In 2014 he has highly appreciated much then unclear cryptocurrency as unique technological break with a powerful potential. The bitcoin is fine cryptographic achievement. An opportunity to create what isn't duplicated in the digital world has huge value. The structure of bitcoin - literally ability to have these registers which can't be reproduced is an impressive invention. Many people will build business at top of it, - Schmidt has told.

For the first time to Schmidt about bitcoin was told in 2011 by the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange (Julian Assange). In the interview placed on Wikileaks, Assange has urged Schmidt to understand and accept bitcoin because it sometime will become very valuable. You have to be the early follower because your bitcoin will cost a lot of money, - Assange has told Schmidt.

Schmidt whose fortune is estimated in $13,4 billion - probably, hasn't earned this money on cryptocurrencies, but he, obviously, has been intrigued with new technologies.

Other representatives of Google also use cryptocurrencies, namely the cofounder of Google Sergey Brin and the CEO Sundar Pichai. Both technical billionaires have little sons who, according to them, maynit Efirium.

Pichai has said that his 11-year-old son maynit air on the home computer, which a poster



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