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Eaton has shown new UPSes of a series 9SX in Ukraine

Later less than week from the date of the official announcement of a new line of the uninterruptible power supply units (UPSU) of the Eaton 9SX series, the company already has managed to bring demonstration copies of these models to Ukraine.

On a special event of Eaton has held on September 7 the series 9SX UPS presentation in Kiev. Such special attention from the producer is explained by the high potential of these devices the Ukrainian market.

the Range Eaton 9SX includes models with power from 0,7 to 6 kVA. According to the representative of the Eaton company, model of a class 9SX are very demanded in Ukraine and will occupy very considerable share in total sales of the Eaton UPS in the Ukrainian market.

of Popularity of 9SX has to be promoted also by very competitive cost of data of the UPS.

By the way, in terms of money (in a dollar equivalent) sales volumes of the Eaton UPS have grown approximately by 30%, and the share of the company makes about 12%. The speech in this case goes about the Ukrainian market.

of the Eaton 9SX UPS succeed very popular range Eaton 9130 which is released in 2008.

Among new functions is noted addition of calculation of energy consumption by monitoring of values of kW · h at the level of the UPS, display of information on the recommended terms of replacement of batteries, automatic recognition of the external battery module (EBM) and existence of more information LCD display.

the Output power factor of the UPS 9SX makes <0,>
If predecessors of Eaton 9130 were available only in a rack-mount (Rack) format, then the range 9SX includes models from 1000 to 3000 VA in a rack-mount (Rack) format and model from 700 to 6000 VA in a Tower-format.

has been in addition noticed that rack-mount UPSes are delivered with a set for installation of Rackmount kit. In this class of devices it happens not always.

Low-power models not of a rack-mount format (700 BA) are quite often used for providing cash registers, ATMs. In regions it is very relevant because of, sometimes, very unstable power supply.

of Bespereboyniki Eaton 9SX support remote management and if necessary are integrated with platforms of VMware, HyperV, RedHat, Citrix.

of the Novelty can be used also as the frequency converter (50/60 Hz).

Is available exact installation of level of output tension, for example, of 208, 210 V, etc. What it is necessary for? An example it was specified in quality that some medical equipment demands such exact installation.

special attention has been paid to Work with batteries. The special company Eaton ABM technology is directed to careful operation of accumulators. Her essence is that charging can be disconnected completely not some period (up to several weeks), leaving batteries as if stored, in an optimum state.

Thanks to existence of the built-in sensor of temperature is carried out adjustment of charge voltage.

the Remained approximate service life of joint stock bank can be displayed on the display.

Change of batteries is available without shutdown of the UPS



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