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Each Ukrainian owes $1725: as Kabmin will repay debts

The Ukrainian government has attended to a question how to reduce a public debt of Ukraine. For this purpose officials have already revised the plan for the next three years according to our obligations and want "to give" it to the independent agency. Informs the website "Today" on it.

according to Gosstat, in the country is a little more than 42 million citizens and everyone, including old men and children, owes foreign creditors about $1725 (nearly 47,5 thousand UAH). It is possible to add 3000 more UAH of percent to this sum. As a result each Ukrainian owes 50,5 thousand UAH. Considering that the average salary in July made 9141 UAH, on condition of payment of a national debt in a year, it will be necessary to give monthly 4210 UAH, or 46% of monthly earnings.

In the government add that in percent to the relation to GDP (2,9 trillion UAH) the national debt decreases. For an example, last year it made 61,5% of GDP, and in they are 60%. It, according to officials, is connected with improvement of the Ukrainian economy.

last week the Cabinet of Ministers has accepted the strategy of debt management till 2020. On her obligations of the country next year want to lower to 52,2% of GDP, and in the 2020th - to 49%. In strategy domestic market of securities is spoken that first of all it is necessary to make and approve a uniform payment schedule, to develop and to increase a hryvnia share in a national debt. Ratio now - 36% in hryvnia, 45% in dollars and 19% in other currencies. According to the financial analyst Andrey Shevchishin, growth of national economy can become the main mechanism of reduction of a national debt:

"Will automatically lead improvement of economic climate to the fact that our debt will cost less. And will begin to pay it more comfortable. On the other hand, it is necessary to develop mechanisms for interest rate reduction of loans to reduce also the cost of debt servicing. At last, it is necessary to revise the schedule - to drag out payment of a debt a little and to smooth a so-called curve of payments that there were no peak loadings".

the Ministry of Finance has also taken the initiative to transfer control of a national debt to independent establishment. The Ministry of Finance notes that now they are responsible for development and deployment of Strategy according to the address with obligations of the country, but if the independent agency operates debts, then such plan more effective will work. Such organization will have an opportunity to hold the "Dutch" auctions (the auction in which the price falls, but doesn't grow) with securities and to operate their release (to establish different conditions of repayment).

Besides, according to the Acting Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova, the Ministry of Finance in common with the World Bank acquires a basis for creation of such agency already now.



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