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"Dystrophy and anemia": Sentsov in the letter has reported about the health

The producer Anna Palenchuk who works on statement of the play of Oleg Sentsov of "Number" has published in Facebook a fragment from his letter.

"I don't believe at all that I to them will be let out (it is about our shooting), or in general it will occur. To understand my health, google: dystrophy, anemia, hypoxia", - Palenchuk quotes the letter from the director.

In the comment of Radio Freedom the producer has told that she has received the letter after a long pause.

"Unfortunately, from Oleg wasn't about two weeks letters. And here this letter has come. It отсканированр it is also directed through FSIN system (the electronic system of correspondence with prisoners of the Federal Penitentiary Service - the Edition). This letter is written by Oleg's hand and with humour inherent in Oleg. It is the answer to my letter of August 17. And Oleg as I think, has done him on August 21. Though date is badly scanned", - she notes.

by words Palenchuk, they with Sentsov correspond, however, according to her much, he receives not all correspondence. "I write with

many letters to Oleg, we conduct continuous working communication. As I see, not all my letters reach him. For example, having received this letter, I have understood that Oleg hasn't received my letter on a casting", - the producer notes.

at the beginning of August Palenchuk reported that Sentsov doesn't write her about a condition of the health not to upset.

the Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov has been sentenced in Russia in August, 2015 to 20 years of maximum security penal colony on a charge of planning of terrorist attacks in the annexed Crimea. He doesn't admit guilt. On May 14 Sentsov has gone on an indefinite hunger strike, demanding release of the Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia.

the being president of Poland, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate of 1983 Lech Walesa has taken Today the initiative of award of this award to Oleg Sentsov.



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