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Dynamo surely beats Rennes in the Europa League: to watch goals

Kiev Dynamo on a step has approached the playoffs of the Europa League, for the second time having beaten French Rennes - <>
the Scenario of a match in Kiev reminded nothing what occurred in Rennes two weeks ago. On the contrary, Dynamo practically from first minutes of a match has taken an initiative and controlled a game of nearly all 90 minutes. Too long it wasn't necessary to wait for a goal, and it is, perhaps, the only parallel with the first match of rivals. In the 13th minute Tsygankov has executed angular at the left, and Verbich the head has transported a ball to gate. guests have given to

Only at the beginning of the second half rather quite good game piece during which have created several moments at Boyko's gate. The most memorable became the episode with participation of Sarr who without hindrances closed a lumbago at the left - has Quickly helped out Dynamo. And then there has come the four-minute piece during which Alexander Khatskevich's wards have removed all questions concerning the winner. At first Mikolenko has realized the next standard, having closed Tsygankov's canopy. And in four minutes Shaparenko has fought for a ball and has struck with passing shot a far corner.

to Guests was only succeeded "to be" the first to score on a match outcome. However the goal attack which was finished by Sibatsho who has come for replacement couldn't affect a meeting result any more. 3:1 - Dynamo wins and in the next round will go on a visit to Astana. In fact, in this match will decide who in group K finishes the first. 2018-19, Europa League. The Dynamo group K (Kiev, Ukraine) - Rennes (France) - 3:1 (1:0)

Goals: Verbich, 13 (1:0); Mikolenko, 68 (2:0); Shaparenko, 72 (3:0); Sibatsho, 89 (3:1)

of Dynamo: Quickly; Wish-wash; Kadar; Kendzhera; Mikolenko; Buyalsky; Verbich (Supryaga, 90); Sidklya; Tsygankov; Che Che (Sidorchuk, 83); Shaparenko (Duelund, 92)

Rennes: Koubek; Bensebaini; Traoré Am. (Nyang M'baye, 46); Da Silva D.; Zeffan; Nyams (Zhelin, 75); Ben Harp; Sarr (Sibatsho, 71); Burizho; Poa; Lea Siliki

of Prevention: - Nyams, 29; Traoré Am., 32; Lea Siliki, 55



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