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Dynamo - Rennes: results of a match of the Europa League

Dynamo - Rennes: results of a match of the Europa League
In a match of the fourth round of a draw of the Europa League Kiev Dynamo on NSK "Olympic" accepted French Rennes.

After the dramatic victory in France capital collective has a little impaired a little to itself mood, having offensively conceded in the championship of Ukraine to the main competitor for medals - to Donetsk Shakhtar.

However, a situation at Rennes isn't much better. Later a quarter of calendar matches in the national championship Sabri Lyamusha's team holds only the 12th place and "eurospring" of the last under a big question.

In comparison with a match of two-week prescription, the trainer of "Bretons" has made seven replacements at once. From start there were Ben Arfa and Burigard, and Johansson and Grenye remained in France at all. Alexander Khatskevich left in Garmash and Morozyuk's replacement. Shepelev missed a match because of disqualification. Their place was taken by Tsygankov, Che Che and Shaparenko.

of Team have quite quickly begun a duel. In the first minute the French have punched on Boyko's gate, however the ball also approximately didn't fly to an alignment.

Kiev residents long didn't sit out in defense and have answered "Bretons" with two dangerous penalties. And in the 13th minute have at all opened the account in a match. Verbich after Tsygankov's giving from angular was quickest in the penalty area of Rennes.

After the passed ball the French have drawn in capital club. But the last have nearly hammered again. Kiev residents have used cutting of Rennes, have run out 3 in 1, however Shaparenko has strongly given on Verbich, the Slovene just hasn't reached.

at the end of the first half of team have a little reduced the rate of a game, however advantage of Dynamo was enormous both on possession, and on blows.

After Sabri Lyamusha's break has strengthened the attacking line, having released Nyanga instead of Traoré. So, in the 55th minute "Dynamo members" by miracle have done not pass: Quickly literally on the line I have covered a ball after Sarr's blow.

has responded To attack of the French of Dynamo car more than surely. If in the 62nd minute Sidklya has bungled the absolute moment, without having managed to close the cool pass of Kendzera on a distant bar then which has driven seven minutes later a ball in gate of Rennes of Mikolenko has forced to shudder stands.

On it Kiev residents haven't stopped and have brought the advantage to three balls. In the 74th minute Shaparenko after an obygrysh of Nyamsi on the flank has precisely punched in a gate corner. Koubek has carried out by a look a ball to a grid - <>
In a duel ending "Bretons" have used slackness of wards of Khatskevich and have scored a prestige goal. The ball into the account has written down on Sibacho.

has testified the Final whistle more than the convincing victory of Dynamo which has strengthened chances of Kiev residents of "eurospring".

of Dynamo (Kiev) - Rennes (France) - 3:1

Goals: Verbich, 13, Mikolenko, 68, Shaparenko, 72 - Sibacho, <>
of Dynamo: Quickly, Mikolenko, Kadar, Wish-wash, Kendzera, Che Che (Sidorchuk, 83), Buyalsky, Shaparenko (Duelund, 90 2), Sidklya, Tsygankov, Verbich (Supryaga, 90).

Rennes: Koubek, Bensebayni, Nyamsi (Gelen, 74) and Silva, Traoré (Nyang, 46), Lea Siliki, Poa, Burigo, Zeffan, Sarr (Sibacho, 71),



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