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Dynamo - Ajax. The day before submits the announcement of a return game of a qualification round of the playoffs of the Champions League between Dynamo and Ajax.

After sensitive defeat in Amsterdam (3:1) Kiev residents to get to a group stage of the Champions League, it is necessary to win back a handicap in two balls. To make it it will be very difficult, especially considering the qualification of the rival which is visually shown in the first match.

of Dynamo - Ajax
Tuesday, 22:00, Kiev, NSK Olympic. The arbitrator is Damir Skomina (Slovenia). Live broadcast on the Soccer TV channel 2

it is absolute on business. Such capacious phrase it is possible to characterize defeat in Amsterdam. Kiev residents have clean conceded to Eric's team тен Haga, and could not get off with three missed goals. Adds optimism only a little Tomasz Kendzera's ball capable as a result to serve to the Ukrainian club kind service. On native Olympic Dynamo the victory with the score 2:0 quite will arrange. Here only one business to argue on her gipotetichnost, and absolutely another - to provide necessary result... to Beat

Ajax staying in good shape will be very much and very not easy. Amsterdamers have held the last meeting on the internal arena perfectly, without having stopped a stone on a stone from Emmen (5:0). The veteran Huntelar has twice caused a stir, on a goal Ziyekh, Tadic have added and... defender of rivals with such sign surname Bale. So to Kiev "ayaksida" have arrived in excellent mood, and will do everything depending on them to prolong a series, successful for themselves.

Dynamo members the last match in the championship have failed. Let and in an experimental game combination, but (1:1) teams of Alexander Khatskevich the moral right had no to miss a victory over Chornomorets. Nedokoncentration at standards at own gate has made the dirty deed, and potential odds from Shakhtar from "3" has turned in "1". Now it is necessary to switch to the Champions League which hit in a group stage - one of the main objectives of the club management and coaching staff as fast as possible. And if the Odessa loss can be offset during a long distance of the championship, then the meeting with Ajax becomes one of key duels of a season.

For certain Khatskevich who has allowed to have a rest to a number of the leading performers counts on freshness of the players. At the same time, the Odessa shake-up can render a positive role. The wounded animal is dangerous doubly, and Kiev residents in the last two matches were obviously not similar to themselves the best samples. So, the spirit on reciprocal fight with Ajax will be most that on is, maximum. You shouldn't forget also about a factor of native stands. The atmosphere on Olympic will obviously have a kind feeling to Dynamo members.

In personnel aspect at Dynamo more and more or less predictably. Stable structure, changes in which are possible, in fact, only on the central base. Shepelev, Andrievsky or Che Che quite can replace Garmash who has frankly failed a meeting on Amsterdam Arena. We don't forget also about perspective Shaparenko for whom present



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