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DTEK has bought Rotterdam 80 thousand tons of anthracite from the Republic of South Africa

The bought coal will arrive in Ukraine at the end of November, it will be directed to warehouses of the Kryvyi Rih thermal power plant, reported in the company. the Energoholding of DTEK has bought

80 thousand tons of the South African anthracite in Rotterdam, the press service of the company in the press release distributed on November 8 reports. The bought coal has to arrive in Ukraine at the end of November, it will be directed to warehouses of the Kryvyi Rih thermal power plant to ensure trouble-free operation in the winter.

"Thanks to the translation of blocks of the Dnieper thermal power plant from anthracite on use of gas coal, DTEK will reduce consumption of anthracite by 30% this year in comparison with the past. Now we develop the project of the conversion of the block of the Kryvyi Rih thermal power plant to brand G coal which is got in Ukraine. We expect to transfer at least one block of the Kryvyi Rih thermal power plant to gas coal next year. It will even more reduce our dependence on import fuel", - the director of generation of the electric power of DTEK Power Sergey of Kurylenko has said.

In November has been included in a power supply system the third power unit of the Dnieper thermal power plant which the company has transferred to gas coal, the fourth is planned to be started until the end of the year.

In the press service have noted that as of 12:00 on November 8 the Kryvyi Rih thermal power plant operates normally, in her warehouses - 102 thousand tons of coal.

of DTEK is a part of financial and industrial group SKM which shareholder is the businessman Rinat Akhmetov. on February 16, 2017 the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed with

the decree on enforcement of the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine "About urgent measures for neutralization of threats of energy security of Ukraine and strengthening of protection of critical infrastructure".

Among the specified measures - diversification of sources of supply of coal of brand anthracite and creation of reserves of steam coal and also an assignment "to develop and provide implementation of the program of construction of new power units and reconstruction of the existing power units of thermal power plants and combined heat and power plants on which coal of anthracitic group, for ensuring use of coal of gas group of domestic production by them is used".

the Majority of anthracitic mines remained in the occupied territory of Donbass.



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