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"Drunk Pugacheva kadrit the Queen": The prima donna not once persuaded Natalya to refuse Nikolaev

The jealousy and envy have forced Alla Borisovna to change rage with favor to the young passion of the composer who in a quarrel has presented not Pugacheva's hits, and Allegrova, write to Networks. Igor Nikolaev and Natasha Koroleva's Couple not all perceived

unambiguously. There were those who trusted in unearthly love of "A dolphin and the Mermaid", but there were also those who called the relations - a forgery. To the second category also Alla Pugacheva has secretly got. The prima donna has taken a jaundiced view to the next lust of Nikolaev whom she considered "sonny" and excessively sponsored. Reached that Pugacheva forced the maestro not to give songs to other actors or set the tone of notes, claiming that she is his muse. Years later Alla Borisovna's behavior also Natasha Koroleva whom Alla considered by a nedopevichka has decided to comment and in absentia in show business the Ukrainian was called "the juvenile prostitute", that is the escort girl. Natasha admitted that she felt this weight of rage from people and tried to avoid all friends stars of Nikolaev.

"Even the conflicts happened to Pugacheva. She didn't love me. Alla Borisovna considered that she has grown Igor Nikolaev and showed to the world, she has got used to see in him the court composer", - Koroleva told.

Has reached even that the Prima donna not once persuaded Natalya to refuse Nikolaev and to replace the patron. On such the offer faithful Natasha has answered negatively, since then Natasha became an irritant for imperious Alla Pugacheva. Moreover, after unsuccessful attempts drunk Pugacheva kadrit Koroleva. It has occurred at one of the closed parties. "Why you it is necessary to

? Igor is such changeable, amorous. Believe me, for so many years I well have studied it. I know all his aunts. Give I to you the song I will write, give up him", - the Prima donna has given out.

in reply from Natasha Koroleva Pugacheva was refused again: "Thanks, Alla Borisovna, but I quite accept songs which are written by Igor".

It is no secret that since then the Prima donna didn't stop trying to part couple, but nevertheless has decided to do it not so openly. Nikolaev has also not stood aside the conflict and in revenge to imperious Alla Borisovna, has presented the hits "My wanderer" and "Empress" written for her to Irina Allegrova. Judging by it, Alla can be offended by Nikolaev for such tricks, but don't like rake over the past of a star and all have forgotten about this incident. Meeting smile and kiss, paying a tribute to etiquette.



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