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Dorna Sports changes the general partner in Spain in television illumination of MotoGP

Little significant news to Russia, however, huge for such region, important for MotoGP, - Spain! Movistar is not a key broadkastingovy partner of Dorna Sports any more, it will be replaced absolutely by other company - DAZN.

MOTORCYCLE RACES .RU, on November 13, 2018 - Movistar developed service of paid content on MotoGP and Formula One in Spain on exclusive rights the last 5 years, but in 2018 the contract with Dorna came to an end, and the telecommunication giant decided that to prolong it there is no sense. In Dorna discussed with return condition Movistar all summer, but the decision remained invariable.

the Movistar Brand belonging to Telefonica developed in the direction of television lighting, and access to it was provided in the most different ways - through a digital air, a cable, the satellite, channels of cellular communication and so on.

the New partner - DAZN is more focused on content and access to it through strimmingovy services (streaming media - stream broadcasting, i.e. without downloading on the local computer, etc.): it will be possible to get full access to the same service through its network as provides, but not only from the desktop personal computer, the laptop or the smartphone, but also from Smart-TV and video game consoles. Key advantage of DAZN is access to content at any time. I.e. it will be impossible to miss a race: it can begin to be looked at any time and if there is a wish, to switch in the air - and vice versa - from the air at any time it is possible to wind off back quite so works and to reconsider that was pleasant.

Manel Arroyo, the right hand of Carmelo Espeleta and actually the second person in Dorna Sports - he is engaged in television, - told:

"Is very important contract for MotoGP, and we anticipate mutually beneficial cooperation with DAZN. We great grew up, thanks to cooperation with Movistar with which we began to develop strimingovy technologies. Movistar very skilled television provider who took a big step to "figure". But now we see the partner who can increase this technology considerably. We chose DAZN for their vision of the future and approach. Our purpose - to make each fan is even closer to MotoGP, and new technologies allow to achieve it. So it will be a new era of broadcasting for MotoGP".

will enter a package all events which are taking place within every weekend - from the first Friday practice prior to a Sunday press conference, plus, own information product. Whether DAZN will make the same product as 5 years experts did of Movistar, a question open - and whether it is necessary for clients of DAZN!

of DAZN will acquire also exclusive rights on broadcasts of World Superbike and FIM CEV Repsol, the championship of Spain, also controlled Dorna.



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