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"Donbass has made a choice. Boys on a front line won't understand sharp turns"

Denis Pushilin will gain 90% even if at elections only one voter will be. The power vertical from Moscow to the Republic is constructed. Any of the parties isn't interested in the world. The chance to successfully finish war, is missed in 2014. Donbass was the distracting maneuver.

About with what Donbass lives in hopes all these years as stormed the Donetsk RSA and entered Berdyansk, and about what the armed population won't allow to curtail from the chosen way, the observer of "Politnavigator" Valentin Filippov was told by the rebel and the writer Maxim Shishov.

Valentin Filippov: I welcome Maxim Shishov. Probably, the most philosophically adjusted rebel, the Donetsk resident and the writer.

Maxim Shishov: Good afternoon. We very long time ago have no militia.

Valentin Filippov: Well, there is no militia, and rebels are. Elections approach. I remember, people in large quantities went on a referendum because wanted that there was no war to be in Russia and that was, as in the Crimea. The second time when have gone to vote in large quantities for Alexander Zakharchenko, there was such feeling that we have just won against Ukraine, have forced it to the world, and at us some new stage begins.

What this time will rouse residents of Donbass to elections? What counter they are enticed? What hopes for this new stage at them?

Maxim Shishov: There will be no such appearance, as on a referendum. And as at Zakharchenko's elections. In general, for anybody not a secret that on a referendum everyone couldn't get. I participated in a referendum, I saw how people resorted since a night shift, then mines still worked for us, production with might and main worked, not washed away resorted. As in a face he was - and to be in time. And we were already turned. They with tears, men with tears asked - well, let's consider somehow. And how to consider? There have already left all selective...

When were Zakharchenko's elections, already so wasn't. There was no such intensity of emotions any more. And not all surnames which it would be desirable to see in bulletins not everything were present there. Well and, anyway, I am sure by

that now Pushilin will win elections. Will win with an enormous separation. Will collect 90% of votes. Even in case any person doesn't come.

Valentin Filippov: No, well, one will come. Pushilin.

Maxim Shishov: Sure. A little bit will come.

Valentin Filippov: Well, and the choice at us? Only Pushilin?

Maxim Shishov: There is no choice. But. The choice is. We choose Pushilin. And nobody differently calls it as "Pushilin's elections". On him it is relied, in principle, I understand why.

Valentin Filippov: All understand.

Maxim Shishov: The person operated. And, that there spoke, the person responsible. From him any statements which would be contrary not simply, and just would be him, nobody expects. In principle, is that for controllability it is necessary. As far as it is good for Novorossiya? Business of Novorossiya - it was the fairy tale.

We have risen to make the fairy tale.

Valentin Filippov: Where will she get to? Novorossiya will return. And from all will ask. So that, Max



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