Date: 7 months ago   Category: Society

Dokuchaievsk is blocked, in Donetsk by "mask show" - social networks

The occupied Dokuchaievsk of Donetsk region is blocked for entrance/departure.

locals report about it on social networks.

Information on what holding these actions is connected with is absent.

according to some users, after 12:00 have opened journey to the city, however those who drove had to stand for two hours on a post.

Is reported also about "masks shows" in the occupied Donetsk (Hereinafter the spelling and style of authors are kept).

"Donetsk on university near Rossini Lane of a mask show with submachine gunners on the road brake minibuses 14.00";

"a horde of 13.30 m some ambush on a makshossa - around the Oaklet in both parties green with automatic machines for several piece in both parties, braked in the face of nobody".



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