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Doctors have found communication between employment of hands and chemistry of a brain

When we work hands, we become happier.

you actually like to wash the dishes? And how about ironing and folding of linen? Works in the yard? with

Everything that these occupations have the general - they occupy our hands. And some researchers consider that it can be a key to making our brain very happy, CBS writes. "I have thought up the term under the name "behaviorceuticals", and it means that when we move and we do that that hands, we change neurosurgery of our brain thus as this could make medicine", Kelly Lambert, the neurobiologist from the University of Richmond says. She says that our brain evolved to reward us for what we do by hands.

That is why, according to Lambert, in the nineteenth century doctors have got used to order knitting to concerned women as it calmed them. It seems to

very simple, but the repeating movements increase amount of some neurochemicals in a brain. And if you make something - a hat or a scarf, you earn reward from a brain. Lambert says: "When you do something - you draw, you prepare or you put things, you creatively use both hands, and it is very attractive to a brain". But now very much isn't enough for people of it because all of them work hands less.

As of 2015 quantity of the jobs demanding social and analytical skills has increased by 94% since 1980 and demanding physical skills - for only 12%. "We just sit and we press the buttons, and we lose feeling of control over the environment". K. Lambert. She used rodents for studying of communication between hands and a brain. Lambert has told that the rats doing something for receiving remuneration have shown more signs of mental health in comparison with "rats of trust fund" who have been exempted from any physical work. "When we rewarded animals without need to work, their hormones of a stress jumped up very highly - and they lost all the advantages", - she has told. It turns out what many of us have turned into "rats of trust fund"? Then it is clear why the percent of depressions and other mental frustration is so big.

Appears, for happiness it is necessary to do only usual homework or to get a hobby, a kotor means manual skills. Everything is simple.

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