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Doctors have explained, than the melon is dangerous to health

In the east there is a legend according to which the melon was rolled out from hands of one of spirits of pastures of Heaven and thus has got to the world of people. Not accidentally in east countries to this fruit special honoring. So, Arabs in a small grid of the drawing of a melon try to make out the Arab ligature to read the message of God. And in Turkmenistan the second Sunday of August is devoted to this fruit, in honor of him carry out prayers and consecrate a new harvest.

About useful properties of a melon since ancient times are written the whole treatises. Yes, it for 90 percent consists of water, but remained ten contain huge amount of minerals, vitamins, celluloses, amino acids, micro and macrocells. Very few people know that two pieces of a melon provide an organism with daily requirement of ascorbic acid. And still this fruit contains one of the most rare B8 vitamins which prevents cirrhosis.

But such rich set of useful substances is harmful for the person if is a melon in large quantities. The Belarusian scientists have established that the excess of these substances is dangerous even to a healthy organism. And if there are some diseases, then portions of a melon have to be absolutely small.

Various online editions, with reference to researches of the American scientists, claim that the melon can be dangerous in combination with various products. The dietitian Marina Studenikina claims that the melon combination with any of products, is only features of an organism and tradition of this or that kitchen. For example, Italians use a melon as a garnish for meat, and in the east of it give together with fish. But nutritionists don't advise is a melon with dishes in which there are eggs, milk or sour-milk production. According to Marina Studenikina, you shouldn't be fond of a combination of a melon and meat. Also the doctor against children up to three years regaled on this fruit. He doesn't belong to neutral therefore - only after three and with gradually, with care, monitoring reaction of the child. Respectively, and the speech can't be about the use of this product by the feeding mothers.

In a melon is a lot of glucose therefore it is possible to use it at diabetes, having only consulted to the doctor.

Shouldn't forget that the melon, especially after abuse of her, ferments in intestines. Therefore it is recommended to eat in the first half of day and I only skin. In general it is impossible to leave a melon cut. Even in the refrigerator she can begin to wander as she contains the increased content of sugar. Therefore the "lain-down" melon can threaten with many problems - from diarrhea to poisoning. Vrach-gastroentorolog Anatoly Vlasov advises

for a while it is worth forgetting about a melon if the person has an exacerbation of gastritis, ulcers, or the disease connected with digestive tract, a rectum, a pancreas was found.

Because of the properties of a melon promoting the movement of sand and stones in an organism she is contraindicated to all who have problems with urinogenital bodies or a gall bladder.



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