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Doctor Komarovsky explained why it is impossible? to treat? cough? drugs? from the TV

Doctor Komarovsky explained why it is impossible? to treat? cough? drugs? from the TV
Correctly told everything.

Advertising is ubiquitous. Especially on TV. Every day on one million times remind us: "At cough and cold it is necessary to swallow of these tablets!", Komarovskiy writes.

did not sustain Nerves at doctor Komarovsky, and he decided to share the knowledge.

People, pay attention to these words:

1. They only theoretically facilitate an expectoration.

"Absolute majority of the advertized drugs "for cough" are expectorant means and/or so-called mucolytics: the medicines increasing phlegm volume (a phlegm - the slime which is formed in lungs) and doing it more liquid, fluid (that theoretically facilitates its expectoration)".

2. They increase quantity of a phlegm.

"Absolute majority of cases when your snivels, cough and temperature increase, is a disease of the top airways: rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis. Expectorant means increase quantity of a phlegm!!!

Why to you to increase amount of slime in lungs when you have a cold or the throat hurts? What for? Because told on TV? "

3. The doctor will not be replaced by nobody.

"Expectorant means sometimes (quite seldom) are necessary at some diseases of the lower airways - bronchitis, pneumonias. Bronchitis and pneumonias doctors, but not people who saw enough the TV treat".

4. Do not expect fast simplification.

"Do not reduce expectorant means, and strengthen cough, making active otkhozhdeny phlegms. But at deficiency of liquid in an organism and/or at dryness of air indoors expectorant means cannot show the action: cough is strengthened, but relief is not given!!!

At the same time if you drink much, and in the room clean, cool and damp air, so expectorant means are not necessary: the phlegm in such conditions does not become knitting and easily clears the throat without any drugs.

Is unsurprising in this regard a phrase from very known and, of course, not our medical textbook: "the efficiency of expectorant means in comparison with plentiful drink is not proved".

5. Children are not adults.

"At children cough (force of a kashlevy push) is much weaker, than at adults. After reception of expectorant means children are often not able to cough up the increased quantity of a phlegm. It collects in the lower airways, and it is the main reason of obstructive bronchitis and pneumonia. to Give to

a mucolytic and to put the child to bed in the warm and dry room (and such rooms at us 90%) - the easiest way to organize complications. And if in addition to it a stuffy nose body temperature is also increased - so chances to turn week cold into monthly treatment of pneumonia are maximum.

Is unsurprising that in many countries mucolytics are not strongly recommended children of the first 5 years of life, and to give them to children up to 2 years is in general crime.

But was lucky us! At us (on the way to Europe) it is possible for everyone, without recipe and to advertize in an evening prime on TV".




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