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Do you slobber during sleep? You were incredibly lucky - and that is why

Let all envy!

the Dream is a fundamental process for our body. If we want to conduct productive and active life, we need to sleep well every night!

Lack of normal night rest has negative effect on functions of a brain, Tinhtamvn reminds. He doesn't manage to process information, to be cleaned from neurodegenerate cages and toxins and to sort memoirs.

But, despite huge pleasure and the huge need for a dream, we aren't able to afford to sleep when takes in head. In the afternoon people work, study and communicate with family and friends.

That from who hasn't slept, feel discomfort, have bad mood and a lack of energy. Therefore sometimes the body tries to enter a new cycle of a dream, and the person can directly fall asleep in the bus or in a workplace. The lack of a dream has property to collect.

Phase of a slow (deep) dream and salivation.

the Dream has several phases of more or less identical duration. The main phase is known as the fast movement of eyes (REM). During the phase REM the body falls in a deep sleep which is important for an organism.

At this stage some neurotransmitters are blocked to turn off the muscular movements which would force us to wake up during a nightmare. Therefore in a phase of a deep sleep there is also this salivation.

according to doctor Jorge Abel Salinas, "functions of a brain are disconnected for good rest and restoration. For some time of people even ceases to swallow saliva, and then begins to eliminate saliva by the well-known salivation".

Therefore when you have well a rest, your body relaxes completely, and it forces your mouth to open and to slobber. It means that all processes of your dream happen normally. there is no

A if saliva? It can be connected by

with the fact that a dream rather weak, and you don't receive sufficient rest. Because of it your neurons aren't restored at all.

Other good signs.

So if you fall asleep and you slobber, you reach a qualitative dream that very positively influences your health. "It isn't necessary to be ashamed of saliva because it is the natural fact. We have to be just sure that we breathe correctly and that in a dream doesn't occur апноэ (breath interruption)", - Salinas says. So slobber on health!

of Fia Mont.



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