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Do not buy this piece if at your place the baby sleeps! It seems, harmlessly, but

Do not buy this piece if at your place the baby sleeps! It seems, harmlessly, but
We warn all. Many buy

and use aromatic candles for decoration of the room and creation of the weakening or romantic atmosphere.

you can even light them every day when you come home from work to relax and enjoy aroma, APost writes.

But next time when you want to use aromatic candles, weigh all pros and cons.

Mother Meagen Budden from New Jersey understood that candles can be dangerous. Looking after the son Jimmy she noticed black points in nostrils.

the Woman was outright disturbed. Meagen remembered that last evening she burned two aromatic candles. When she got packing of candles to read the instruction, was written there that candles should not burn more than 3 hours for time.

In its case each candle burned about six hours. Meagen understood that in air there was a soot which spread about the room.

In fact, Jimmy breathed this soot within six hours.

As particles of soot is easy to be overlooked because of their small size, they are hazardous to health of children. Toxins from candles can cause various diseases and serious complications.

the Ecologist Ann Shteynmann from the University of Melbourne, warns that these candles can cause "injury of a brain, lungs and the central nervous system and also to cause difficulties of development".

A it what any parent wants to avoid.

Fortunately, fast reaction of Meagen saved life to her son. The boy is one and a half years old now and he is completely healthy.

to exclude such danger, experts advise to buy candles with short matches and to light them for a while in well aired rooms. Also for the sake of own safety use organic aromatic candles.

If you or your relatives adore aromatic candles, it is important to understand and weigh risks when using them near small children.

A you know someone who cannot live without such candles?

of Christina Zvarych.



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