Date: 6 months ago   Category: Sport

Dnieper in an intense match overcame Kiev-Basket, Politekhnik won against "the Cherkassk Monkeys"

Kiev-Basket lost last seconds to Dnieper in a duel of the regular championship of the Superleague of Pari Match - 78:79. And in a parallel match of Politekhnik confidently won "The Cherkassk monkeys" - <>
Kiev-Basket - Dnieper 78:79 (12:18, 26:19, 19:16, 21:26)

was not succeeded to take any essential game advantage to any of rivals At once. The most part of time of starting 10 minutes of team was sent exactly. The first guests adjusted fire. Three-point Revzina and Vilkhovetsky designated small advantage днепрян at the end of a quarter. Generally guests surpassed owners on distant hits - <>
However, to use it that and further to increase a difference, guests could not. The meeting took place also further exactly. Kiev residents at the same time improved realization of three-point. Following the results of the first half of team had already 4 exact distant throws. Exact three-point Kiev-Basket of the potential beginner Latkovich last second of the second quarter brought to owners the minimum advantage following the results of the first half.

With renewal of a game after a break began to affect advantage of owners in realization more accurately. For the first time for a duel Kiev residents came forward on 9 points. The most active on the platform owners had at this time Mangano and Latkovich who even from a bench tried to help partners hints. However, it did not prevent Dnieper to reduce to a final quarter a difference to four points. guests found

From the beginning of the fourth 10 minutes forces to add speed. It was succeeded to reduce backlog to three points. It seemed that Kiev residents "will float", as well as at the end of the previous duel against the Polytechnician. However the productive attacks of Chelovan and Shout in due time encouraged owners. Though to the dneprena did not lag behind further attempts to break the course of events on the platform. In 33 seconds until the end of playing time the score was evened - 77:77. After only one exact penalty from Mangano Mishul finished hit the attack - guests came forward in 25 seconds prior to a siren. Kiev residents took a timeout. Owners had time for the attack, but in its end Latkovich did not get because of an arch on the center. Therefore the second in a row defeat Kiyev-Basketa last seconds.

"Cherkassk Monkeys" - Politekhnik 71:89 (25:22, 17:21, 14:24, 15:22)

"Cherkassk Monkeys" had a fine opportunity to improve the standings. On a visit to them the note outsider who besides directed many efforts in the capital in a duel about Kiev-Basket came.

But the cherkasshchena, though felt disappointment, having lost to Dnieper last second houses, had an opportunity to be prepared for a duel in native walls. At first a game developed it is quite predicted, both teams played open basketball and owners felt more surely. There was an impression that they will be able to add when it only is required.

However occurred all on the contrary, Kharkov citizens added, even playing narrow rotation they very aggressively carried out the third Part



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